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For the 28 th Montreal Contact Improvisation Festival, ACI is hosting Patricia Kuypers from Belgium !!

’Finding Organic Supports in a Duet’

Contact improvisation workshop with Patricia Kuypers (Belgium)

* November 1 - 4, 7 - 10 p.m.,

* at UQAM, 840 Cherrier St. East (room K-S1210), Sherbrooke metro MAP

* $ 115 ($ 100 before October 1 - $ 90 students / unemployed),

* Info: worksphere@hotmail.com 514-518-6240

* Payable and send to: ACI, 873 Léonard St., Ste-Thérèse, Qc, J7E 2N8, Canada

Description of the workshop:

In this teaching, I propose to take the time to awaken the conscience of the anatomical movement in the torso in particular, combining the approach of Material for the Spine and exploration of the inner feeling inspired yoga. In solo or duet, we will develop situations where touch helps clarify the points of initiation, the mobility of the spine and pelvis, and the modulation of tone. Moments of improvisation will put these sensations into play to expand the range of possibilities in dance duet. We will follow the flow and shape it by playing with refined kinesthetic and tactile perceptions to induce the discovery of what may happen in the interaction between two moving bodies.

Patricia is doing an other workshop in the Studio 303 (November 8-12). All information here.


Patricia Kuypers has since the 1980s been placing the living, perceiving, communicating human being in the forefront of her artistic process. She teaches improvisation and has created numerous performances, in duets, trios, and "big band" form, all over Europe. She also explores the contribution new technologies can make to dance. She is the founder of Contredanse and of the magazine Nouvelles de danse.

She decided to dedicate to improvisation and Contact Improvisation after her meeting and collaboration with Steve Paxton in the eighties. For 20 years she developed a resource center, Contredanse, to invite artists for exchanges and she published a magazine and books about dance in the field of improvisation and creative process in relation with others art and science disciplines. She is involved in personnel and collaborative dance projects that she presents all over Europe in theater, improvised music festivals, alternative places and studios. She teaches also extensively improvisation and Contact Improvisation, as well in small venues as in dance institutions, higher school for dance or visual art as La Cambre in Brussels. Her last artistic works with her partner Franck Beaubois were engaged in interactive systems, using the video feed-back and delay as sources of dance explorations and performances. Patricia also have a yoga and a shiatsu practice and reserve time for research and writing on dance improvisation.

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