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Teachers: Paula Zacharis & Andrew de L. Harwood (Argentina, Canada)

Dates: Jan 25-29 (5 days) • Mon-Tues, 9am to 12:30pm & Wed-Fri, 9am to 1:30pm

Location : Studio 303

Cost: $100 (Emploi-Québec)

This workshop-project is oriented towards experienced dancers, performers and creators and is designed to stimulate the imagination, cultivate a strong creative eye and extend that experience into other fields of perception thus developing a fuller dancing body and a deeper performance sensibility.

For information and registration : http://www.studio303.ca/en/classes/professionnal-level/depth/#post-732.

How can we be moved and connected to the possibilities we have as human beings in relation with our senses and the ways we make decisions through them? Bringing attention to this decision-making process gives us ways of composing in various environments and provides us with the tools to observe our strategies for surviving within them. As an organism of receptivity and perception, we can make our own language and reinvent it. We will bring attention to what we see and choose what to include in our field of vision, as we frame, edit and design the space that we move in and through. Connecting our imagination with our senses, this media can be a real way to go deeper into composing and editing in real-time and reveal the dancing visual artist that we all have inside. The movement expressions of solo, contact and ensemble improvisation in combination with various technical supports such as live and recorded video, photograph, amplified or natural sound and music will be used as sources of inspiration to awaken the mind and the body. This approach is not only a reflection of the present times that involves so much of the visual media but mostly used as a means to arouse your view, your perception and your imagination.


  • The 5 elements
  • The 5 senses
  • Speed and rhythm
  • Various environments
  • Nature
  • Architecture and design

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood is an international teacher, performer and creator in the field of instantaneous choreography and contact improvisation since 1975. He is the artistic director of AH HA Productions, a project oriented company based in Montreal, which is dedicated to the research, creation, education and production of improvisational dance as a performing art. Andrew studied, taught and performed with Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Nita Little, the founding members of Contact Improvisation. His background also includes athletics, gymnastics, yoga, contemporary dance, release technique, Alexander technique, compositional improvisation, and Aikido. His work has been presented in numerous international festivals since 1980. Andrew danced for the companies of Marie Chouinard, Jean-Pierre Perreault and Jo Lechay and has collaborated in performance with Chris Aiken, Peter Bingham, Kirstie Simson, Ray Chung, Marc Boivin, Lin Snelling, Benoît Lachambre and Lisa Nelson, among many others. He is the recipient of the Canada Council’s Jacqueline-Lemieux award for the year 2000. www.diagramme.org/ahha/

Paula Zacharias’ work embraces her keen interest for the visual disciplines of photography and videography and her passion for improvisational dance. Her career began in her native Argentina as an assistant producer for television and commercials. In 2000 she started her own video editing and production company Nagualfilms, in Mexico, now headquartered in Buenos Aires, where Paula splits her time between documenting, producing, film editing and shooting stock images which are carried by Getty Images, Corbis and BLEND. Paula is also a dancer and performer of butoh dance and contact improvisation since 1987. She also studied contemporary dance, release technique and Iyengar Yoga for many years. Her first approach to contact improvisation was with Alma Falkenberg, which was then further developed with Andrea Fernandez, with whom she keeps exploring and investigating the form with a stable research and performance group in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also developed her knowledge in improvisation with teachers like Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Nina Martin, Lisa Nelson, Andrew Harwood, Martin Keough and Susan Shell among others. In butoh dance her main influence is Rhea Volij, which was deepened during intensive workshops with Tadashi Endo, Minako Seki, Akira Kasai and Diego Piñon. She is part of a Butoh performance group directed by Rhea Volij since 2005. Her recent work is based on Contact Improvisation and Compositional Improvisation (based in part on Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores) and on her own research through her other main career as a visual artist. http://paulazacharias.com/

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