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WORKSHOP - Falling From the Stars with BRAD STOLLER

Saturday & Sunday July 9-10,
Danse Orée des Bois, Eastern Township.

Open to all practitioners of Contact improv and all those who want to discovery !!

Eastern Township

Information at :
or call us at :


• Saturday 9 : 10am-5:30pm
Workshop of Contact Improvisation

Sunday 10 : 10am-2pm
CI Jam facilitated by Brad
Workshop 75$, early-bird fee before Monday June 20, 90$ after this date
• N-R 50 % Deposit required to reserve your spot
Sunday CI Jam additional 10$ fee

INTERAC PAYMENT : info@danseoreedesbois.com
Question : Où suis-je ?
Answer : jesuislà (No space between words)

Please contact us for accommodation
• Swimming, pot-luck for all meals.
• You are welcome to arrive the evening before.

Falling From the Stars : Unwrapping our Evolutionary Inheritance through Developmental Contact Improvisation

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Embedded in our psyche and tissues are the codes of movement passed down to all living things. As humans we have uniquely inherited these pathways that link us to all creatures. As we open to the wisdom of these ‘maps of movement’ we unwrap the concepts that separate us from each other and the world around us.
We have the ability as humans to adapt, mutate even, to extreme changes.
We can transform the density of our consciousness and tissue through awareness and subtle attention to our inherent bio-diverse stories.

Through DCI we travel through our evolutionary history that lives in us from utero as we mutate from amphibian, reptile, fish, bird etc in the womb and arrive as blank slates potentially drawing on any of these resources to meet the challenges of life. This consciousness exists already in each of us to continue to evolve and access; it is our gift from heaven falling down upon us like the dust of the cosmos.

Photo : Christine Simard

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Brad Stoller, MFA, has been teaching Contact IMprov for 35 years. He also is a teacher of the Alexander Technique and Black belt in Aikido. He teaches dance at the University of Virgina and runs the theatre program at Piedmont Va Community College. He leads workshops in CI all over North America and Europe. He is passionate about bringing people together to practice the nurturance of our human form through movement and consciousness.

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