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Working group in Authentic Movement

October 13 & 20, November 3-10-17 & 24, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Saturday mornings, in October & November 2012:

“ Recently, I had the great opportunity to receive teachings from Zoe Avstreih, a pioneer in the Authentic Movement work. Fulfilled and inspired by this profound experience, I now want to suggest you to dive with me into the heart of this magnificent work, both simple and rich.

Whether it is to feed the creative artist in you, or simply to access greater self-knowledge, I invite you to dare close your eyes for a moment, to enter into yourself, to welcome emptiness and to listen … suddenly, something amazing happens, and it takes source in the silence and in the body.

Zoe used to say "The answer is in the body!"

This practice is rooted in the field of art therapy. It invites one to tap into the inner realms. And it frees us from our "I must … I should …". With eyes closed, movers welcome internal sensations and impulses, allowing it to manifest into gestures and movements, giving expression to one’s subconscious creative process. Without judgement, a witness pays attention to both the mover and his/her internal experience. This unique form is an invitation for introspection, observation and contemplation of the whole, in details.

Here are the approximate topics of our sessions:
October 13 & 20: finding the inner witness while you move
November 3 & 10: finding the inner mover while you are witnessing
November 17 & 24: finding the language of sharing with mindfulness
January: deepening … I hope!

It is with time and experience that one captures the essence and depth of this practice. I therefore hope to create a group that will meet and build mutual support in the long term, beyond the 6 sessions.

To create a safe container for the emergence of what is true, latent and alive within us, it is important to commit to all 6 fall sessions. The amount of participants will be limited to 12.”
— Catherine Lessard

Belgo building, 372 Ste-Catherine West street, Montreal, Place des Arts metro
Fall season : $160 before September 15, $180 thereafter
You wish to join this group? Please contact me personally :
worksphere@hotmail.com / 514.518.6240 – 450.939.3007


Catherine Lessard transmits with passion and coherence the key principles of dance improvisation, Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement since 2001. She has studied and performed with masters such as Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkoff, Nita Little, Kirstie Simpson, David Zambrano, Andrew Harwood, Patricia Kuypers Ray Chung, Diego Piñon and Zoe Avstreih.

She has experience in Body-Mind Centering and Butoh, and has professional training in music and communications. She also received a 300 hours training in Gestalt practice (psychology). Catherine teaches and performs dance improvisation regularly in Canada. She is invited each year to offer workshops and performances in USA and in Europe, in the frame of several international festivals as well as other established institutions (in Boston, New York, EarthDance, Toronto, Freiburg, Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Grenoble). She is lecturer-educator at UQAM University Dance Department. She has also served as president of the Montreal Association for Contact Improvisation (ACI) from 2007 to 2010.

Catherine combines, in a unified pedagogy, both a sharp artistic vision and a hungry curiosity for science. Her workshops are explorations of human expression through breathing, awareness and various nuances of touch and movement, offered in a deep atmosphere of respect and discovery.

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