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The 5th annual WOW of CONTACT at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, USA

January 22-27, 2012!!

Contact Improvisers everywhere,

Come immerse in mutual well-being- align, enliven, transform yourself for 2012!!
Register now to reserve a spot!

Facilitated by Touchmonkey, Carolyn Stuart and Patrick Gracewood

Spend 5 (or 3) days in the art of co-creation, of being in contact and improvising.
In contact we experience belonging, with improvisation we are free!

Come taste the inclusion and intimacy of exploring with a small group (max. 20) supported by the quiet heart of winter (and the healing waters!). Transformation happens.

Content unfolds according to the expression and needs of those present.
We are moved by what emerges from within and without when we focus our awareness, on and off the dance floor.

We gather for three practices each day. All sessions share the same format. There is an opening circle for intentions, followed by a period of investigation and a closing circle to share our experiences.

In the Morning-
AWE Awareness Witnessing Experience
Calling attention to the witness within. Experience is always occurring. How aware of it are we?

Noticing what we notice to become more aware of ourselves, being and responding.

In the Afternoon-
ARC Awareness Researching Co-creation
Exploring the art of relationship in the act of co-creation. What are we doing? What else is possible?
Using contact to improvise in behalf of mutual well-being.

In the Evening-
PIP Presence Investigating Performance
Being curious about the experience of seeing and being seen.
What/why/how/when/where…. do we perform? view performance?

This is a special time of support to be with self in the context of others. This work is based in Contact Improvisation, a form that radically calls each of us to own and care for our experience while aware of our connection to all that is. The C.I. paradigm offers mutual well-being. We gather to explore this way of behaving.

All are welcome to participate.
Experience in Contact Improvisation is not required, only the willingness to explore the principles involved.

Registration is open and the group small so best to sign up now if you know you want to come!
You must call Breitenbush 503-854-3320 to register. Find information at-

Touchmonkey (Carolyn Stuart and Patrick Gracewood) has been researching and developing a point of view in Contact Improvisation for 25 years. This immersion reflects their interest in the sustainability of spontaneous mutual well-being!

For more information on the content of the event please respond to this email or call 503-282-2938.
May your way be blessed with presence and purpose in these exciting times! Carolyn

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