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Theoretical session - Friday June 22nd from 7pm to 9pm
Global Underscore - Saturday, June 22nd, 9am to 1:30pm

facilitated by Benoît Aubertin and Elizabeth Cooper (Nancy Stark-Smith’s score)

Montreal will join the International Underscore once again this year. The event will take place Saturday June 23rd from 9h to 1:30 pm, in Parc Lafontaine (please arrive earlier to be ready to start all together), in front of Félix Leclerc statue. Bring a good amount of water, solar cream and some snacks! It will be a Contact improv Focus Jam. This score (or underscore) has been created by Nancy Stark-Smith, one of the founders of the Contact improv form, during her 39 years of exploration and teaching.

It is an organic and careful way to practice a Contact Improvisation Jam and to connect with a particular attention to oneself, others and the space. It is a safe way to travel through the various states and stages that we experience in the conduct of a jam, full of listening, permission and respect.
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If the weather is against us we will meet inside, in a studio, at the same time. We will inform you of this change 24 hours in advance. Donations will be welcome in order to rent the studio that we will have to pay even the weather is sunny.

The score is simple, but you need to know it to join the group. For this reason, a theory sharing session of the UnderScore Friday June 22nd at la commune (http://g.co/maps/zrsrb), from 7 pm to 9 pm, behind the rectory, second floor. Donations welcome. This session is a necessary activity to anyone that never experienced the Underscore before. Please bring you notebook and pen.

If you already know the score, join us anyway for a revision! The more you control the score, the more the jam is pleasant, the less the dance is intellectual.

In summary:

 Theoretical session
Friday June 22nd from 7pm to 9pm
Commune (http://g.co/maps/zrsrb)
Donation $0 to $20 depending on your budget.

 Global Underscore:
Saturday, June 22nd, 9am to 1:30pm
Parc Lafontaine, near the Félix Leclerc statue
Donations welcome
(In case of rain, you will be informed on the ACI website: http://contactimpro.org)

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