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Tuesday October 4-11-18-25 / 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Studio Lucie Grégoire
4416 St Laurent, 3rd floor, Montreal (at Mt Royal).

With Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood /(mixed level)

Registration required by sending an email to: a1harwood@yahoo.ca
An E-transfer payment via Interac addressed to Andrew Harwood reserves your place.

01. Andrew sept 2022

Credit : Chris Randle

All are welcome. We will draw upon the collective experience within a diversified group while opening our minds to opportunities to learn, deepen and reinvent our practice.

At its core, CI offers us a testing ground for the development of consciousness, of communication and for creativity while allowing what is new to transpire. During this series of classes, we will focus on some specific facets of CI such as: sensation, space, time and the deepening of our relationships with all other dancers.

Perceptual skills involving the somatic-sensory systems will be scrutinized during our warm-ups and integrated into the research and development of physical skills including: moving sinuously while supporting the weight of another dancer (from1% to 100%), falling and landing safely from any level, sharpening our reflexes and refining our timing to coordinate with momentum, modulating the tone of one’s body to reduce physical tension and being omni-directionally responsive while dancing with a partner.

Release technique, hands-on work as well as numerous scores for dancing, warming down and discussions will be included.

02. Andrew

Biography of Andrew: details

Credit: Patrick Beelaert

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