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Sunday morning, ACI regular classes

January 8 to May 27, 2012, 11AM-12:30PM

Studio S’Temps d’Art Africain, 215 Jean-Talon W street

$50/series, $15 drop in ($40/series of 3)

THE BREATHING BODY, with Catherine Lessard Jan 8 to 29

This series is an invitation to a deep study of the body’s gathering and opening patterns, seeking both a better physical understanding of the forces acting through us, and an easier use of our fundamental softness and spontaneity. Both the body and mind are at once patient and full of fire, constantly asking physical questions.

We will investigate solo exploration, inspired by Steve Paxton’s meticulous work with body puzzles and rolls. From the Starfish to the Endless Screw, including the Mill and the Crescent, these patterns allow us to adjust in detail our skeletal parallelism, to open our inner spiral, to soften our floor absorption, and to unify our body structure as a whole.

We will also explore duet, trio and group scores where the body and the mind can profit from this opening work, allowing the emergence of the breathing body within the practice of improvisation, an integrated body and mind that can dive with resilience into the incredible situation of constantly facing the unknown.
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TOUCH, with Nina Galea Feb 5 to 26

discover the many textures of touch through contact…a delicious buffet of choice!

DANCING THE FALL, with Delphine Marot March 4 to 18

explore the anatomical dynamic of the body into falling
(3 classes series, no class on March 25 during the Eastman jam)

LISTENING, with Jacob Cino April 1 to 29

listening to gravity, your partner, your own body and how this transforms the quality of the dance
(no class on April 8 during Easter)

Listening with out different faculties and senses changes the information we recieve. By listening to the weight we give and recieve our awareness becomes hightened and in turn we have the chance to navigate and change our relation within the exchange. In listening to the qaulitie and texture through the skin we can find pathways of sliding and skimming. In listening to our bones we can find great stucture and strengh. In listening to the sound we can be informed when we are transmitting alot of energy into the floor. These levels of listening and more are techniques to change the pathways and tendency in our dance. Often we can get stuck in our habits and ideas of where the dance should be going and loose that vital practice of staying present with the listening senses of the body.. With a focus on a specific sense often the thinking mind is freed and the intelligence of the body is awakened.

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an invitation to listen to the present moment, to receive what is offered to us, in all its forms (dynamic, lifts, resistance, falls, etc.) and to allow spontaneous creativity and fun.


The 3 thematic series presented last automn.

1. Playing with weight: September 4 to 25, with Stéphanie Gaudreau
Exploring the incredible possibilities of weight, in a receptive, light and rooted body.

2. The floor, my 1st partner: October 2 to 30 (no class Oct 9), with Isaac Savoie
Getting comfortable with the floor as a secure ally and transferring this link to our partnerships.
The exploration in all its forms : WITH the ground, various supports, listening, influence, creativity, release, interaction and more.

3. Intention: November 13 to December 4, with Eryn Dace Trudell
In this class we will learn techniques to communicate clear intentions in our dancing. Suppleness and strength, fall and recovery, abandon and direction: These are all aspects of resistance and fluidity that give us the ability to be clear with our partner about our abilities and desires.

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