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Sunday Mornings Contact Improv Classes at 303

Classes will continue untill June, 24 at 10:30 a.m.
Beginner or intermediate level.


Contact improvisation classes are back for the 2007 Winter-spring Session (just before the jam).

Time: 10:30 till 11:30 a.m.

Location: Studio 303
372 St. Catherine Street West, 3rd floor, Montreal (Quebec)
Place des Arts Metro (Bleury exit South) / buses 15, 80 & 129

Cost: $10 each class (including jam)
Sunday classes calendar:

Dates Teachers
14 Stéphanie
21 Nina
28 Catherine
4 Eryn
11 Stéphanie
18 Catherine
25 Nina
4 Eryn
11 Stéphanie
18 Catherine
25 Nina
1 Stéphanie
8 Nina
15 Catherine
22 Nina
29 Eryn
6 Stéphanie
13 Catherine
20 Eryn
27 Catherine
3 Stéphanie
10 Eryn
17 Nina
24 Catherine - Cours gratuit

Beginner level

Beginner level classes are offered to people wishing to get initiated to contact improvisation or to deepen their knowledge of the basics.
They’ll be taught by Nina Galea, Eryn Dace Trudell and Catherine Lessard.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate class is aimed at people who have integrated contact improvisation basics. Teaching will be offered by Stéphanie Gaudreau.


Eryn Dace Trudell

Eryn Dace Trudell
_Dance artist, Eryn Dace Trudell is a certified Skinner Releasing Technique Facilitator and a Contact improvisor.
On receiving her BFA from Juilliard in 1991, she founded and co-artistically directed Damn Straight.

Her original choreographies include seven full length productions and several new Canadian operas and plays.
With a background in classical graham, Limon and Ballet, her practice embraces alternative dance techniques and improvisation. As a dancer she has had the pleasure of dancing with independent choreographers from Canada,
USA, Europe and South America and she has studied with Nancy Stark Smith, Peter Bingham, Andrew Harwood,
Ray Chung and Chris Aiken.

Nina Galea
Nina Galea

Nina Galea est professeur, danseuse et chorégraphe. Ses origines se situent en danse classique et moderne. Elle a enseigné et dansé en Europe pendant plusieurs années.

Nina dirige les volets contemporains aux Collèges Jean-Eudes et Sainte-Anne, où elle enseigne la danse moderne, l’improvisation, le contact improvisation et le mouvement authentique. Nina offre des ateliers d’improvisation et de contact improvisation sur une base régulière à l’extérieur de Montréal. Elle a étudié avec Andrew Harwood, Nancy Stark-Smith, Susan Schell, Martin Keogh et plusieurs autres. Nina est également chanteuse et photographe.

Stéphanie Gaudreau, Yves Léger
Stéphanie Gaudreau, Yves Léger

Stéphanie Gaudreau étudie le langage corporel et le contact improvisation depuis 1992. Elle est membre fondateur de l’ A.C.I et enseigne le contact improvisation.

Sa recherche s’inspire des approches somatiques, du massage, du yoga, du taï chi et de la méditation, avec pour objectif de rendre le corps et l’esprit disponibles et conscients. Elle est présentement en formation d’ostéopathie et tient une pratique privée comme massothérapeute.

Catherine Lessard

Catherine Lessard
In my early twenties, I traveled in Europe and America, finding opportunities to train myself in Contact Improvisation, body expression and improvised dancing with international coaches: Nancy Stark-Smith, Kirstie Simpson, Patricia Kuypers, Franck Beaubois, K-J. Holmes… Native from Montreal, I lived in France for several years proposing workshops and intensive classes of CI for dancers, sports and martial arts adepts, and also for non-dancing/non-moving people.

Usually, my classes are explorations of human body’s expression in terms of breathing, self consciousness, self confidence, cellular awareness, non-judgement, slack-out and movement qualities.

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