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Sunday Classes
(Winter/Spring 2018)

The Sundays: Registrations at 10:30
Class from 10:45 am to noon

Pavillon de danse de l’UQAM
840 Cherrier street, local 4110, metro Sherbrooke

Cost : $15/ classe or $40/ serie of 3 classes (jam included)

More infos : classesdimatin@contactimpro.org

Back on SEPTEMBER 8th with Stéphanie Gaudreau

01. Vacances


3, 17 and 24 june taught by Danielle Beaudet

02. Danielle Beaudet

Eight senses in the service of the CI


Biography of Danielle

10 June taught by Vincent-Nicolas Provencher

02. Vincent-Nicolas Provencher


Contact improvisation uses gravity and weight as the main motor. 2 notions that can lead to a wonderful continuous sequence without having to think. But what happens when we call for clear decisions? There are several tools that allow us to vary this continuum and make the composition even more interesting.

During this class, we will explore the pause as a composition tool. The latter is rich because he plays as much on the rhythmic of the dance as on its form, intention or utility. Several exercises will be based on different ways of using the stop (in contact with each other, in imitation, continuously, as an obstacle etc.). To conclude, we will finish the class with a structured jam of everything we will see during the class.

Biography of Vincent-Nicolas

7, 14 et 21 January taught by Nina Galéa

02. Nina Galéa 2018


During our 3 classes together, we will explore various pathways to invite connection.
Through the sharing of weight, rolling the point of contact and working with resistance, participants will have the opportunity to open new doors of connection. Recommended for beginners, these classes can serve as practical building-blocks when entering a dance. Those with more experience will also benefit, as the road to connection widens as we move through it.

Biography of Nina

4, 11, 18 and 25 February taught by Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood

02. Andrew 2018


Contact improvisation (CI) is a free-play of weight, equilibrium, momentum and stillness practiced between two or more people. Rich with sensations and imagination, this dance form leaves its participants informed, centered and enlivened. In order to open to these sensations, the mind must learn to abandon a certain quality of willfulness to experience the natural flow of movement. Each class will begin with release work leading us to a grounded internal experience of our weight in motion followed by the practice of some fundamental skills. Focusing on the present moment is encouraged in order to work in an energetic state of physical alertness, trusting in one’s basic survival instincts.
Biography of Andrew

4, 11, 18 and 25 March taught by Nicoletta Dolce and Isaac Savoie

02. Nicoletta et Isaac 2018

Question of balance

Balance shy, balance sweet,
balance unstable, balance bold,
balance acrobatic, balance pyrotechnic,
balance stratospheric!

And then balance slow, balance restorer, balance comforting.

Yes, balance in all its beautiful forms …
This is what we will experience together!

Long sleeves, socks and knee pads, please!

Biography of Nicoletta and Isaac

8, 15 and 22 april taught by Vincent-Nicolas Provencher

02. Vincent-Nicolas


The objectif is to have a bether compréhention of the mechanic of ours body and to open ours sensibility to the touch. How to leave ours resistance to others and to fusionnated with someone to do a fluent duet? We will start with some basic notions and exercices to be confident and after we will learn some notion of conter balance and lift.

Biography of Vincent-Nicolas

6, 20 and 27 may taught by Catherine Fabiola Lessard

02. Catherine 2018

Simply CI

This approach of Contact Improvisation will allow the exploration of its principles through listening, weight sharing, flight & fall, physical dialogues, Somatics, composition and pleasure!

Biography of Catherine

28 January, 29th April, 13 Maytaught by Delphine Marot

02. Parents-enfants



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