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Sunday Classes (AUTUMN SESSION 2015)

ATTENTION NEW SCHEDULE ! Sundays from 10:30 -12 pm at UQAM
840 Rue Cherrier, local 4110, metro Sherbrooke

6, 13 December taught by Sarah Mascolo}}

Cost : $14/ classe or $45/ serie of 4 classes (jam included)

«What supports us …»
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Se déposer, respirer, se déposer encore, se mettre en mouvement en continuant à se déposer, se rencontrer, rester déposé, danser, et rester supporté.


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Biography of Sarah : HERE

December 20 taught by Delphine Marot}}

Cost : $14/ classe (jam included)

«Parent-child classes in CI»
02. Parents-enfants


6, 13, 20, 27 September taught by Catherine Lessard}}

ATTENTION NEW SCHEDULE : from 10h30 to 12 pm
Cost : $14/ classe or $45/ serie of 4 classes (jam included)

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Finding and taming the center of gravity ;
bringing it with us into our dance ;
savoring entering into the unknown without loosing oneself ;
alining with the forces ;
letting the game of weight pass through us ;
becoming an efficient channel between bodies and ground ;
coming back home to better take flight thereafter ;
radiating from center to extremities to better “fall up” ;
communicating from the tissues of the center …
… that is what we are going to explore during this mini-series of 4 classes,
using mental softening exercises and body awakening techniques,
alone, in duos and in group.
Contact Improvisation is a research form allowing oneself to observe how the
body functions in relation with its environment. This environment includes
the space inside-out, the forces of the universe and the other living beings all

Biography of Catherine : http://www.contactimpro.org/en-article253.html

4, 11, 18, 25 October taught by Stephanie Gaudreau}}

ATTENTION NEW SCHEDULE : from 10h30 to 12 pm
Cost : $14/ classe or $45/ serie of 4 classes (jam included)

«HEAD-TO-HEAD, conscience - opportunities - game»
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Through the touch point in the head-to-head according to Steve Paxton, each dancer can feel the "small dance" of the other person. This is direct observation and experience of the unconscious movement of the mind of the other. It is a complex connection, which seems to involve multiple levels (sensory, mental and reflex), and born of two heads.

We will explore this unconscious communication of the body as a starting point. And let the body’s response to guide us conscious of our spine mobility, endorsements, weight, its tone, its state of suspension, while creating a living relationship with our partner.

Biography of Stephanie :

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1, 8, 22, 29 November taught by Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood}}

Cost : $14/ classe or $45/ serie of 4 classes (jam included)


Photo : Rafal Nowak

05. Classe Andrew Harwood

Beyond the adrenal highs produced by the fast and furious dances we often seek and revel in, there are many subtle layers to the study and practice of Contact Improvisation, which when attended to, unlock the deeper pathways into the intricacies and complexity of the form. Through a dynamic physical collaboration of the senses, along with attention to detail and quality of touch, we will follow our instincts and be guided by what is already in our body in order to access multiple facets of our innate creative wisdom. These little details are of great interest to my greater appreciation and understanding of Contact Improvisation as an “artistic rendez-vous”.

Biography of Andrew : HERE


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