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SURVEY - 2008

In July 2008 the following two questions were asked of
the ACI membership in a survey. 40 members
responded. Here are the results.

A. What direction
should the ACI go in?

These were the responses
by the membership in order of priority

1. raising the expertise levels of the
dancers within the current community
by offering more jams, more classes,
bringing in teachers from outside

2. evolving CI as a form, e.g.
supporting exploration and research,
fusion with other forms of dance, voice,
theatre, etc.

3. expanding CI into
the broader public, e.g. supporting
development of CI in schools, community
centres, health clubs, etc.

4. find a physical home (its own studio)
for the CI community (that ACI
would administer)

4. enhance the
skill of dancers by elevating the quality
and numbers of local CI teachers (support
them with paying for workshops, raising
salaries, bonuses, etc)

5. leave it the way it is


B. How should the ACI’s accumulated
surplus of $7000 be used?

These were the
memberships responses in order of priority.

1. lease our own full-time studio,
which would be available to rent
to teachers, dancers for rehearsal, jams,
classes, soirées, etc.

2. subsidize public outreach development of
CI in schools, community
centres, health clubs, etc.

3. support local
teachers by raising salaries, giving
bonuses, paying for training for them,

4. subsidize cost of more jams,
classes, soirees,

5. awarding grants
to groups or individuals with
interesting projects

6. collaborate with
projects of individuals/groups in the
community (e.g. researchers,
documentarists, other performing arts

7. don’t spend the surplus, keep
accumulating it for a rainy day
(for some future dream project or some
unforeseen catastrophe like loss
of Studio 303)


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