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ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION & CELEBRATION to mark the 50th Anniversary of CI

Saturday, December 3 from 11am to 5pm
UQAM Dance Pavilion
840 Cherrier Street (room 4110, 4th floor) Sherbrooke metro

Round table discussion from 12pm to 2pm (open space 11am)
which will be followed by a celebration from 2pm to 5pm
with dance performances, Round Robin & Jam.

01. CI 50 partie 2

Please note that the studio will be open from 11am on Saturday, December 3.
We invite you to browse our resource table which will be set up for all curious minds, readers and archivists.
You are all invited to contribute to embellishing this table with your CI teaching notes, your ideas on dance, your movement scores, your images, your books, etc.

OBLIGATORY REGISTRATION: (space limited to 50 people)
$20 Round table discussion & dance celebration
$10 for the dance celebration only from 2 pm to 5 pm

Interac transfer to: inscription@contactimpro.org
Question: contact
Answer: improvisation

The event will be conducted in French with English translation if required. Please notify us to arrange for an interpreter at: stageintensif@contactimpro.org

A) Round table discussion
in 3 parts

Part 1:
History of Contact Improvisation in Montreal in the 70’s and 80’s.
What were the political issues of the past?

04. Rocking & Rolling-Davida-Nov. 20
Here is a PDF draft of a chapter on Contact Improvisation for the new anthology "Rocking and Rolling: Sex, feminism and Contact Improvisation." by Ann Cooper Albright written by Dena Davida to prepare for the discussion.

As guests, we will be honoured to receive:

06. Dena Davida 2022
07. Stéphanie Gaudreau 2022

Dena Davida - Curator, educators, dance and performing arts researchers.

Stephanie Gaudreau
- Founding member of ACI, community instigator, educator in Contact Improvisation and somatic approaches.

Credit Amandine Rovetta

05. CI 50 capsules - discussions

Part 2:
How are the issues of our time, such as gender diversity, sexism, consent and/or our vision of Contact Improvisation dance practice, experienced in our Quebec community?
"ARTivists" guests, sharing of experiences.

05. CI 50 capsules - discussions (2)

Part 3:
How do we want to approach the future of our dance practice with a little more welcome and receptivity?
• The floor will be open to all participants of the present round.


04. Round robin Stage avec Anya Cloud, 29-10-2019 (1)

Materials to bring:
Bring your own cushions for comfort during the discussions.
Notebook, pencils.

Drinks and some snacks will be provided by the ACI.
Tables and chairs provided by UQAM

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