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NEW - The International Contact Dance Film Festival


What is The International Contact Dance Film Festival?
The International Contact Dance Film Festival is produced by REAson d’etre dance productions. The festivals mandate is to provide a venue for contact dance films. The Inaugural International Contact Dance Film Festival will premiere in the Spring of 2013 in Toronto.

Submission deadline:
Must be post marked by July 31, 2012. Submissions in advance of the deadline are welcome.

o Submission requirements:
We are looking for dance films that include momentum-based and dance/partnering techniques. Momentum based dance/partnering methods include contact dance and affiliated methods such as Axis Syllabus or the Kaeja approach. Choreography in the dance film can be set or created in the moment (i.e. improvised). Dance films can be in the genre of narrative story, theme oriented, abstract or documentary and must be sixty minutes or less. There are no limitations on productions date. All rights to the films must be held by the person or organization. submitting.

Film submission details:
Download at www.reasondetre.com


Contact dance jams are a blend of different abilities, cultures and training levels. People from all walks of life intermix…from complete beginners to advance level dancers. In keeping with this tradition, the International Contact Dance Film Festival will be offering a mentorship for a non-professional dancer. The curated part of the film festival provides ample venue for professional contact dancers and film makers. It is the intention of the Varying Ability Film Mentorship program to provide a creative opportunity for other types of contact dancers. The chosen applicant will be mentored by award winning film maker Allen Kaeja, and will create a short dance film that will open the film festival. Allen Kaeja will provide five hours of mentorship support and the applicant will as well be supported by RDDP.

Varying Ability Film Mentorship Application deadline:
Applications must be emailed by June, 30, 2012.

Varying Ability Film Mentorship Applicant must:
• be a contact dancer who has been dancing a minimum of six months
• never have made or appeared in a professional dance production or dance film.
• not be enrolled in, or a graduate of, a professional dance training program
• live in Toronto or be available to come to Toronto for one week prior to the festival.
• be available to attend the festival in Spring 2013.
• be responsible for their travel expenses if coming from out-of- town. (please note billeting can be provided by RDDP if required).

Varying Ability Film Mentorship Application:
Write two paragraphs. Describe yourself and state why you want to make your first dance film. Provided contact information (home address, phone and email). Send to kathleenrea@reasondetre.com

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