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«Material For The Spine» (Steve Paxton’s Technique) with Allison Ulan

Saturday Study Sessions - 2012 dates: January 7th, 14th and 28th, February 4th, 11th and 25th.
10 am - 12:30 pm

Investment: $20 per session (drop in fee) or $90 for all 6 sessions.

Location : Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, 372 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 116

Steve Paxton developed this material over the last 30 year from his curiosity in how awareness and perception function. As the creator of Contact Improvisation and from his experience in dance, yoga, aikido and meditation over 50 years, his material covers a diverse spectrum yet specifically centers on spinal function. The material trains a person to become more aware of their spine, increase awareness in motion, detangle habitual patterns that are limiting movement/alignment, heighten agility, improve one’s contact improvisation and explore improvisation scores that elucidate the body as it is.

The elements we will study are:
grounding arm patterns, shoulder blade action, sits bone initiation, condial awareness, interweaving connection through body points, precise arm articulation, helix rolls, crescent rolls, resistance/release hip strengtheners, core initiation, peripheral initiation and the small dance. Depending on how the group progresses, we may even do the body puzzles and aikido rolls. Hmmm, lots to plunge into. Of course, there will be time to do improvisation en seule et en partenaire.

Note from Allison and Bio: Contact improvisation has been part of my dancing since 1991 when I was introduced to it in London, England. Since 1988 I have work in contemporary dance intrigued by what moves us to dance. I have worked professionally with Mark Morris, Anna Sokolow, The London Contemporary Dance Company, Kaeja d’dance and many others in North America and Europe. I have been studying this material of Steve’s for the last year and I am part of a year long training with Steve which will end in November 2012. I am interested how this material works for different needs and concerns. Personally, it has opened up new sensing pathways in my dancing, created traction for my spine and created more ease in my Yoga.
In December 2011, 16 people were part of a short 3 week session I led. Everyone came from different walks of life with different needs. Unanimously, the group decided to continue because the sessions were so effective and fun.

So I am opening up the sessions to anyone who is interested.
To register, please e-mail me at allisonulan@yahoo.ca or call 514-523-4006. For the session rate, please pay in full at the first session, cash or cheque.
I am intrigued in how different people will integrate the material. Plus, I am excited about the insights and questions I can take back to the Earthdance study group in April when I meet up for the second part of my training.

Thank you for your interest in Steve’s work. : ) Allison

If you can not attend the first session, do not fret. Come to what you can. We will be working as a group - teaching and facilitating each other.

Allison Ulan, B.F.A., E-CYT, IYTA
Ashtanga Yoga Educator, Vipassana Meditator and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist
… 20 years in contemporary dance and now traversing the terrain of writing.

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