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A new proposal from the ACI : the last Sunday of each month a professional musician is invited to join its sounds to our improvisations. This invitation to dance with improvised music awakes our desires for artistic collaborations, gives new colors to our dances, and helps us to experiment contact between sounds and movements in order to create unexpected openings within the framework of our weekly Jam .

The first one with the presence of Louise Campbell

October the 31,12:30 AM- 2 PM, Studio 303, MAP

The jam rate is 6 $ for this special event. For those who take the classe before (12$), you can do a donation.

Biography of Louise Campbell

Clarinetist Louise Campbell seeks to interrogate and renew the traditional concert format while fostering the creation of new works. She performs works in genres ranging from classical and contemporary to klezmer and swing, and practices improvisation in a variety of styles. Her interest in collaboration has led her projects incorporating dance, theatre and film artists. Career highlights include writing and performing music for director Jeanette Pope (Berson Boys, 2008 - presented in the Kodak Emerging Filmmaker Program at Cannes, 2009); writing and performing theatre music work Hear Me Out (NeXtfest Festival for Emerging Artists), and collaborating with writer Annie Abrahams and director Rebecca Barnstaple in the creation of l’envoyer à mars pour y trouver la quiétude (2008), an installation involving projected text, dance and music.

Campbell is co-founder of the Umbrella Ensemble, Ensemble In Extensio, and Maenad Ensemble and with whom she brings music to diverse audiences through workshops and concerts in schools, seniors’ residences, homeless shelters and other unexpected venues. Campbell holds an MMus with a minor in Jazz from Indiana University and an MA in music education from McGill University and is a member of a board of the Canadian New Music Network. Her primary influences include clarinetist James Campbell, jazz pedagogue and composer David Baker, movement coach Valerie Dean, and the One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company.

Musicians who are interest could contact the music committee !

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What’s contact danse?

An invitation to let go in a haven of peace. Dancing, experience the laws of gravity, momentum and balance, that is the contact improvisation.

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