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A message from the ACI Administration Board (CA)

01. Comité Accueil 2020

Hello beautiful Dancers of the Contact Improv Community
The ACI is setting up a Welcome Committee on Sunday Jams and we are looking for volunteers for this role.

This committee works by combining your dance practice with your desire for involvement without the need to offer your personal time outside the jams themselves.

02- Comité accueil 2020

The purpose of this committee is to offer a good welcome to the dancers who come to the Sunday Jam.
There will also be a few other small tasks such as providing information, helping the jam run smoothly, referring those responsible for specific needs (moral support, desire to get involved, etc.).

05. Comité accueil 2020

The CA will be happy to teach you the details of this Committee and to support you in your involvement. If you are interested, contact us at: admin@contactimpro.org

Thank you
Marine, Valésia and Olivier
Members of the ACI Administration Board (CA)

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