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Lettre de BURNING MAN à la communauté de CI de Mtl

registration for tickets is from Feb 6-10

From: Brando
To: Valerie Sabbah

I would love to post a great CI announcement to the Montreal community… It is about Burning Man, and the timing is of the essence as registration for tickets is from Feb 6-10. We are hoping that BM becomes another hub for CI and helps to grow and support CI communities all over. We will certainly represent Montreal while there! I’ve attached the letter and a photo of our lovely (award winning) 1" foam floored dojo studio at BM.

Contact Improvisation Collective at Burning Man

We are the Contact Improvisation Collective (CIC) at Burning Man and we are a central pillar of Contact Village. The CIC is a group of dancers committed to exploring and researching and evolving Contact Improvisation at Burning Man.

We are also ambassadors of CI. Burning Man is home to an immense collection of open and creative people who are ready and excited to explore. We are radically inclusive and encourage new participants in our dance. This year we will also make a concerted effort to integrate interested new dancers into their home communities by enrolling them in these local list serves we’re using to spread the word.

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CIC’s Gifts on the Playa

Burning Man thrives on a gift economy and collectively we have some serious gifts to give back into the deep pool of creative energy we find there:

We teach classes and host jams and do deep research on or camp’s dance floors. We have pop-up playa performance crusades anywhere and everywhere we want to bring out mobile dance floor. We also maintain the morning jam every day in one of the Burning Man nerve centers - center camp (where many curious dancers try CI for the first time!)

Infrastructure - Old and NEW!

We are working toward several new amenities and infrastructure for a dialed BM experience!!! Overall we expect to have:

· A Wooden Dance Floor!!!!

· A 1” foam dojo styled floor

· 3 other studios where campmates can offer classes and conduct research.

· A chilly chilled swamp cooler

· Our own steam bath

· Lots of of shaded space for camping

· A well established kitchen with a meal plan and water for registered campmates.

· A shower for all to use!

A Call to Action

This year, with initiatives from Brando Brandes, Rene Alvarez, Zach Peery, Micahael Hurd and several others we have energized a phenomenal momentum and have a strong crew coming from all over the world! But we’re looking for more amazing dancers.

If you want to join us in one of the most creative places in the world please check out our website http://burningman.campcontact.org and register for CIC on-line… Space is limited to foster group synergy and we are now accepting applications for all those interested in rumbling and tumbling on the playa with us!

Also, FEB 6 - 10 is the registration period to buy tickets this year. So now is the time!!!



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