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Benoît Dhennin gonna start a video and dance laboratory this wednesday !
When ? each wednesdays of this Summer at 7:00 PM till 9:30 PM This until the 8th of August.
Where ? At the studio Kinesphère on 1565 Mont-Royal East.

Benoît began the dance around the same time as the video, 10 years ago. Since, the contribution of the body in my work of video does not stop increasing.

He wish today to share this experience within a video laboratory and dance opened to all.

We would start by two questions :
 How to use the camera in the dance ?
 How to use the dance in the video ?

In other words, it is not a question of recording some dance but of creating from the video and the dance, together. How the video opens new possibilities to the dancer, and how the video can be inspired by logics appropriate for the dancer ? We shall look for our answers through an experimentally joyful practice.

He suggest bringing this knowledge of the video and this urge for dance, and invite you to connect our talents in this laboratory of research and creation. Everything is opened !

We will share the cost (30$) of the location.

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