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Invitation to perform at the annual Jam 2018

You are invited to participate in the "Evening-performance” of the Montreal Annual Jam on Saturday November 24th at Circuit-Est!

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This year the evening performance Saturday will include a 30 min. presentation by
Andrew & Jori’s (Wed.-Fri.) class participants.

That’s why there will be a maximum of 4 performances (max. 6 min. each.)
To register in advance send an email to:

We invite you to play with time, space, rhythm dynamics,
quality of movement, sound atmosphere, "the underscore", etc.
We invite you to explore extensively
this beautiful practice of the present moment: the stage, improvisation!

An evening of music and dance will follow the performances.

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We will need the following information to:

• name of the dancer(s),
• title of the piece,
• Technical needs: element of decor, accessory,
• use of sound system or musicians, etc.,
• Estimated time.

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Artistically yours
The team of the "night-perfo!”

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