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Intensive Workshop with Andrew Harwood
and Jori Snell

Subtlety and complexity in practice and performance

From Monday 19th to Friday 23rd November 2018

Informations : masterclass@contactimpro.org

Registration for SUPER DISCOUNT : HERE

This event precedes the
the 24 and 25 November 2018.

01. Andrew and Jori 1

Workshop for two levels:

Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th evening
For all levels of experience!

Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd evening & Friday 23rd all day who will be focused on performance
Intermediate-advanced level

Credit : Lindsey Appolis


Monday 19th and Tuesday 22th 6:30 to 9:30pm
Beginner-intermediate level and for all!

Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd 6:30 to 9:30 pm
& Friday 23rd 10am to 5pm

(one-hour lunch break)
Specifically on Friday we will focus on performance,
with an evening presentation at the Annual Jam


All the Workshop $195 EARLY-BIRD until Sunday, October 21
$225 from October 20th

Option card: $40 / class (except Friday)

4 classes: $130 EARLY-BIRD until Sunday, October 21
$150 from October 20th

Friday (all day): $65 EARLY-BIRD until Sunday, October 21
$80 from October 20th


Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th evening
Par B.L.eux
5425 avenue Casgrain, bur. 200
Montréal (QC), H2T 1X6

Friday 23th:
Studio Lucie Grégoire
4416 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z5

Description of the workshop

02. Andrew and Jori 2

How does one practice and perform Contact Improvisation (CI)? At the outset Steve Paxton’s experiments with CI were closely connected with the act of performance and corresponded with specific practices of sensing and perceiving.

Credit : Lindsey Appolis

From its influence on partnered acrobatics on large stages, to the informal presentations at contact festivals, to the way we watch, feel and listen to each other at a jam, or to the small dance experienced in a class, CI and the notion of refinement in its application and sophistication as a performing art continue to be intimately related. CI was and is part of a movement that both questions the values of spectacular produced shows and frequently calls up different values in the ways it is practiced and presented. In this workshop we will take a closer look at the layers of complexity and levels of subtleness in this evolving dance form. We will aim to cultivate an ease and gracefulness in those crossing fields and maintain an inquisitive attitude encouraging our performing skills to come into play.

On Monday and Tuesday (open to all) we will work with tuning our own experience and innate presence while studying/focusing on awareness, sensation, perception, impulse, influence, reflex, and reaction in order to create an intimate sense of connectedness, ease and spaciousness between them. Allowing for introspection and dialogue as we go, we will deepen our understanding of the micro-dynamics and fine points that reveal themselves in our dancing.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (ongoing regular experience) we will examine and practice states and qualities of improvising, investigating a variety of relationships between imagination, action, time and space. We will also scrutinize how we sense, see and are seen by each other, and how we act with a sense of clarity while we move. How do we witness others and ourselves in the subtle and small range and in the bigger, wider range?

Credit : Gary Kurtz

02.Andrew et Jori

Specifically on Friday we will focus on performance, finding a nourishing and safe place for witnessing and working with the innate psychosomatic responses we also may find ourselves having in these arenas, such as dealing with numbness, stage fright, being overwhelmed or reverting to hyperbolical theatrics, often causing some sort of disconnection in the experience. A forty-minute performance score will be developed focusing on emptiness to fullness and back to emptiness while supporting each other and the overall atmosphere. This piece will be presented on Saturday evening during the Annual Montreal Contact Jam. In order for a sense of continuity and ensemble to be created and developed, participants in the Saturday presentation are therefore asked to attend Wednesday and Thursday and must commit to the entire Friday. (It is not possible to attend only the Friday session if you are performing).

Bring curiosity, a keen desire to dance and a willingness to be seen.


Andrew Harwood: Here

Credit : Gary Kurtz
03. Andrew and Jori 3

Jori Snell: is a physical performing & visual artist from Holland/Denmark (1972). She was educated at Institutet för Scenkonst (93) in Italy and Nordisk Teaterskole (98) in Denmark.
Since 1998 she works as a freelance performer/dancer, director and educator in Europe and South Africa, transforming her training in physical theatre, visual art, contact improvisation, martial arts and butoh-related approaches into a personal language.

Between 2008-2016, she single-handedly initiated and sustained the contact improvisation scene in Cape Town, South Africa, and taught theatre and dance in many contexts, institutions and universities (Drama & Dance Departments of Cape Town and Rhodes). Her solo-productions: ‘Very Short Stories..’, ‘Inua’ and ‘Kitchen Fables in a Cookie Jar’ have won several awards and international acclaim. In her performances and teaching she aims to bring alive an authentic expression in body, personality, object & space, moving between physical theatre and fairytales, dance and myth, poetry and the creation of magic visual pictures. Her inspiration in improvisation and contact improvisation has come from intensive work with Kirstie Simson, Bo Madvig, Lucia Walker, Nancy Stark Smith, Ray Chung and Andrew Harwood.

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