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INTUITIVE DIALOGUES with the environment - with Catherine Lessard

August 2-3-4, 2013
(Fri. 6-9PM, Sat. 10AM-5PM, Sun. 10AM-1PM) At the UQAM dance department, 840 Cherrier (Sherbrooke station)

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An improvisation method taking us beyond the desire to move in ’the proper way’ or to be interesting at all costs. An opportunity to be connected with reality at every moment, in a body of awareness, availability, tone and release. An invitation to flow mentally and to physically embrace what we can’t control.
We will practice in solo, duet and group, in a spirit of collaborative support and discovery. As a starting point, we will listen to the small dance (from Steve Paxton) which is everywhere in our cells. We will also listen to it when our rhythm accelerates and our movements carry us despite ourselves. We’ll listen to it again when our inside and outside spaces become one single thing. We’ll still be listening to it when our consciousness of the environment will remain as our only work & survival tool.
This training is well adapted for experienced dancers who desire to restore a seminal simplicity, richness and extasie of what really moves inside of us. It is also well adapted for non-dancers.

At the UQAM dance department, 840 Cherrier (Sherbrooke station), studio K-3220, 3rd floor. Cost: $110 - $90 if registration before July 15.

How to register : http://sourcesimprovisation-en.blogspot.ca/p/intuitive-dialogues.html

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