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Teachers: Andrew de L. Harwood & Benno Voorham (Sweden)

Dates: Sept 27 – Oct 8 (10 days) • Mon-Fri, 9:30am to 12:30pm

Location: Studio 303

Cost: $150 (Emploi-Québec)

For the complete information : http://www.studio303.ca/en/classes/professionnal-level/harwood_voorham/

Contact Improvisation will be the common ground enabling us to continue deepening our skills into a rich kinaesthetic dialogue with others. By awakening our physical and sensory awareness we will bring mind, spirit and body into a state of readiness and receptivity for dancing in a playful and spontaneous way. Making contact with another being implies forging a universe where we may take risks, exchange, communicate and witness. It is a fertile crossroad where skill, instinct and poetic imagination converge. Various skills such as rolling smoothly, falling safely, inverting, supporting and giving weight effortlessly will be explored as we play with the physical forces of gravity, levity, momentum and inertia. In the second part of each class we will work with different strategies and structures for improvisation with a strong focus on developing a playful and subtle presence in our dancing. Dances in which we can expect to be in physical contact at any moment and at the same time keeping an awareness of ones own direction in improvising.

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What’s contact danse?

An invitation to let go in a haven of peace. Dancing, experience the laws of gravity, momentum and balance, that is the contact improvisation.

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