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Guidelines during the jams for Dancers and Musicians

Here is a list of good practices to follow to ensure pleasant and harmonious jams for all participants.


  1. Take the time to center yourself so you’ll be receptive to others and create harmonious contacts.
  2. Before making contact sensitize yourself to your partner’s receptivity by verbal or nonverbal means (eye contact, smile, energy, etc.)
  3. Accept or signal refusal to dance in a respectful, open and straightforward manner.
  4. Find an overall balance between your self expression and that of your partner’s.
  5. Keep the dance space free if you’re not dancing
  6. Be aware of the group; respect personal space, the physical and acoustic environments.
  7. Limit verbal exchanges. Hold conversations in a low voice at the edge of the room.
  8. Respect each dancer’s level, rhythm and physical capacity.
  9. In case of doubt, ask one of the organizers for advice.

Musicians (if present):

Contact improvisation is usually done without musical accompaniment. Musicians are nevertheless welcome if they respect certain principles:

  1. As a musician at a contact improvisation jam you should understand that you are a dancer like everyone else.
  2. Music is powerful. Please do not use it to create a personal mood or impose a rhythm. Instead practice your art in close contact with the dancers and the overall atmosphere, producing sounds inspired by their movements and moods.
  3. Contact improvisation springs from the intimate chemistry between bodies, not from ambient music. Music should therefore be subtle and improvised with a high potential for unpredictability. Music and silence go hand in hand. Moments of silence promote listening and creativity in a climate of perfect openness.
  4. By skillfully incorporating moments of silence, you remind the dancers that they are the source of the music.
  5. Neither silence nor the end of the music should give the impression that something is missing.

In case of doubt ask one of the organizers for advice.

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What’s contact danse?

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