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“Falling Up and Floating Down: finding delicious suspension in duets and trios”

Saturday May 5th, 10am – 5pm. with Neige Christenson and Phillip Shinnick.

In this workshop, we will explore ways to connect with partners, encouraging lovely low lifts, melting falls, and moments of easy suspension and flow. We will also share our approaches to dancing in trios with grace and creativity. This workshop is designed for people who have some experience dancing CI, and who wish to expand and enhance their practice by tipping off balance in good company!

Neige Christenson dances in Boston and Beyond. She has been an avid Contact Improviser since the mid-eighties, as a devoted jam participant, teacher and performer.

Phillip Shinnick has been teaching for the last 5 years in NYC and Montreal, and brings a background in Tango-infused Contact Improvisation to his own unique style.

Neige and Phil are particularly interested in teaching others how to “stir up” a jam by cultivating group awareness and bringing more trio skills into the usual duet-based jam scene.

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Crédits : Benoît Dhennin

Neige and Phil jamming in Boston :

Neige and Phil performing in Montreal (November 2010) :

Ashtanga Studio, 372 Ste-Catherine West.

Registration: 50$ before April 22nd. 60$ after April 22nd.
Reservation : enseignement@contactimpro.org (att : Marie-Pier)

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