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Perform by Patricia Kuypers, Andrew L. Harwood, Catherine Lessard, Moti Mark Zemelman and the musician Charles Van Goïtsenhoven.

Friday November 5,

at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.,

at Studio 303

Cost: $12 pre-sale, students, RQD, RAIQ / $15 regular

Much more than just a Facebook profile, the Face-Back-Profile experience will create before your eyes a social-physical-organic-perceptive-structural-architectural-sensitive-playful network! A highly skilled performance, 100% improvised, in which we will open doors for you, leading to individual and collective bodies, from the front, the back, in profile, from afar, up close. You’re allowed access from every angle to set up a meeting with movement and sound, like a hologram revealing itself to us – and to you.

All details: http://www.studio303.ca/en/events/face-back-profile/

Have a look on http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php

To buy tickets online and save money: http://www.studio303.ca/en/buy-tickets/

Also, flyer attached below.


Patricia Kuypers (Belgium) has since the 1980s been placing the living, perceiving, communicating human being in the forefront of her artistic process. She teaches improvisation and has created numerous performances, in duets, trios, and “big band” form, all over Europe. She also explores the contribution new technologies can make to dance. She is the founder of Contredanse and of the magazine Nouvelles de danse.

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood has been traveling the world for the past 35 years teaching and performing improvisational work most notably Contact Improvisation. He is the director of AH HA Productions which is devoted to the teaching, creating, promoting and producing various artistic events and performances utilizing alternative approaches to dance making and dance performance. www.ahha-productions.ca

Catherine Lessard has been passionately exploring the art of instantaneous performance and Contact Improvisation for more than a decade. She teaches and performs in Canada, the USA, France and Germany. She was president of ACI Montreal from 2007 to 2009. Dancer, musician, and skilled communicator, she brings an approach to the stage and to teaching that reflect an authentic vision of art unified with a constant appetite for science.

Moti Mark Zemelman (USA) began practicing CI twenty-two years ago. For fifteen years he has taught/performed across USA, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, and Europe. Last year he was a Dance Professor at Instituto Naciónal de Bellas Artes, Mexico City. Additionally he plays music for jams, is a professional photographer and the designer/moderator of the website www.contactimprov.com

Charles Van Goitsenhoven is a violonist, multi-vocalist and improviser, originally from Sherbrooke. His artistic path has led to meetings with theatre, storytelling, film and dance. Dance inspires him to create music more organically, aspiring to vibrate with the essence of bodies and chords, daring to create privileged moments of living dialogue between the sound of movement, the movement of sound, and all of us, co-creators, performers and audience both.

Copyrights : Bruno Garibal, Daniel Farkas Harwood & Catherine Lessard.


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