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Eryn Dace Trudell

Eryn is a dance artist: producer, presenter, choreographer, performer and teacher, originally from Ontario and now living in Montreal. She has experience in all aspects of dance from thought to stage. Her versatile career of 20 years includes commissions from notable theatre, dance and opera companies and remarkable, award-winning choreography.

01. Eryn Dace Trudell

Honouring the body conscious, Trudell teaches kinaesthetic awareness through dancing as an ingredient to boosting confidence, motivating energy and maintaining good health physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Her classes speak to the body itself, suggesting ways that movement can free us from unconscious patterns, to enhance our thinking, grace, social availability, cultural empathy, and genuine pleasure in expression, and allow us to tap into our innate wisdom.

Ms Trudell’s students include professional and non-professional adult dancers, educators, children, and parents and children. She particularly enjoys inclusive dance practices, which ignite community spirit through artistic physical exploration. In recent years Ms Trudell has guest taught at Neighbourhood Dance Works, St. John’s, Newfoundland, at York University, Université du Québec à Montréal, and Concordia University. Her workshops have been hosted by Hysteria Festival, Series 808, Studio 303, Neighbourhood Dance, EDAM (Experimental Dance and Music) and The Mighty Peace River Teachers Convention, Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Trudell holds a BFA in Dance from Juilliard (’91) and is a certified specialist in Skinner Releasing Technique. After many years as a professional dancer, she currently dances for her own pleasure and under unique performance circumstances, specializing mainly in the promotion and research of Contact Improvisation.

Ms Trudell founded Mama dances in 2006.

«I continue my quest for honesty, generosity, spirituality, sensuality, equality, compassion, and mindfulness in myself and in others through dance as my medium and language».
Eryn Dace Trudell

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