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Contemplative Dance practice folloded by a Round Robin in CI with Andrew Harwood

3 Saturdays (Aug 3, 10, 17) from 12pm - 2pm – Cost: $8
Studio White Wall
4532 Avenue Laval, Montréal (near metro Mt Royal).

CDP IS A MOVING MEDITATION PRACTICE. It is both simple and profound. It works with the innate intelligence of the body, a curiosity for the unfolding moment and “kinesthetic delight”. At its core it follows a structure developed by Barbara Dilley at Naropa University in the 1970’s. Something happens in this circle. We behold and we are with that which wants to emerge. It is a bit of a mystery.

Cost : $8 /session
Informations : a1harwood@yahoo.ca
Tel : 514-523-4360

01. Andrew contemplative et round robin

Original form as developed by Barbara Dilley

1) Introduction.
Sitting together in a circle. Share names and introduce the practice.

2) Pratique de méditation assise

Credit : Andrew Harwood

3) Sitting Meditation Practice
Exploring individually how to bring meditation awareness into movement – stretching and moving out into the circle. Time for self-care, research, and courting the unexpected. Kinesthetic delight is the touchstone.

4) Open Space
This is a circle created together in which people can choose to witness or enter, move and exit the space as many times as they choose. It is open time, an invitation to host this body-mind moment as a guest and to play with others who also enter. We pay attention to the body and invite it to lead into movement and stillness. We witness ourselves and each other with open care. Ending with a short period of meditation.

5) Closing Circle and Conversation/DiscussionCercle de clôture et conversation/discussion

A ROUND ROBIN IN CONTACT IMPROVISATION. A round robin was a format introduced by Steve Paxton at the outset of his training in Contact Improvisation in 1972. Observation, learning and practice went hand-in-hand. Within a circle of participants, two people gravitated towards each other, or one partner approached a desired partner to begin a duet, while the rest of the group observes. Another duet may enter the ring when the energy of the first one wanes, or the event may proceed as a round robin – A&B, B&C, C&D, D&F, etc. As this system evolved and is often practiced currently, two duets or more go on at once, or intermingle. The duration of each duet may be predetermined or lasts as long as the dancers feel comfortable with it.

02. Andrew

Biography of Andrew : details

Crédit : Patrick Beelaert

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