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Contemplative Dance practice and Dance Scores in CI and Instantaneous Composition
with Andrew Harwood

Saturdays 14, 21, 28 September and 5, 12, 19, 26 October from noon to 3 pm
Cost: $25/class
Studio White Wall
4532 Avenue Laval, Montréal (près du métro Mt Royal).

Informations: a1harwood@yahoo.ca
Tel: 514-523-4360
A discount of 15% for full session (or $150) paid in full at first class.

01. Andrew août 2019

Contemplative Dance Practice is a moving meditation practice developed by Barbara Dilley at Naropa University in the 1970s. It is both simple and profound. CDP works with the innate intelligence of the body, includes “kinesthetic delight” and arouses a curiosity for the unfolding moment.
Credit: Andrew Harwood

Something mysterious and extraordinary happens in this circle where we behold and we are with that which wants to emerge instinctively.

This experience will be followed with an assortment of playful & artistic dance scores allowing us to play lightly/seriously with our know-how, our how-to-be and our not- knowing. These spontaneous movement structures will help us focus our attention, harness our inventiveness, hone our senses, create familiarity, take pleasure in everything, dig into what is actually happening, sharpen our game and stimulate our imagination as we improvise alone, in pairs and trios, in small groups and as one large ensemble.

[Scores on the menu: synchronicity, the grid, the diamond, the pod, shadowing, reinterpreted solo, the 5 movements, the 7 points of view, topography, retracing the path, memorable moments, instant imitation, tuning: (pause, replace, reverse, feed, continues), still continuous contact duet, support the big picture, the butoh contact duet, the frame, facing the wall, geometric space: (lines/circles/clumps/scattered equidistance), from individuality to ensemble awareness, empty/full/empty…

02. Andrew

Biography of d’Andrew: Here

Credit: Patrick Beelaert

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