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Contact-Improvisation workshop with Mark ‘Moti’ Zemelman

  • October 19-20
    • Friday: 7-9pm
    • Saturday: 1-6pm

Perceiving the Unknown:

Transformation on the Boundaries of Contact Improvisation

Exploring the edges of perception we’ll compose and improvise dances using the healing side of our vulnerability and limitations. The moments that we become most aware of an edge are what some chaos theorists call the “tipping point”. These avalanches of awareness can lead to changing our conditioned responses both physically and emotionally. Whatever limits you is also a sacred key to unlocking your power, stability, and new pathways. Come and discover your blind spots and walk into the wilderness of embodiment with new maps or no map at all. 

Live music by Moti will accompany this workshop.

“There can be no vulnerability without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability;
there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.” - M. Scott Peck

WHERE: Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique
1881, Rue Saint-André # 100, Studio B

Call 413-231-4623
or email moti@contactimprov.com

COST: $60

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What’s contact danse?

An invitation to let go in a haven of peace. Dancing, experience the laws of gravity, momentum and balance, that is the contact improvisation.

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