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Contact Improvisation with Mark Young

From February 5 to 11, 2024
Studio White Wall
4532 Avenue Laval, Montréal (Next Metro Mt Royal)

Mark Young

01. Mark Young Dancing

Join us for a transformative workshop in two available formats: a week-long series and a weekend immersion.

Delve into the innate spirality of movement in this specialized Contact Improvisation (CI) workshop led by Mark Young, founder of
Leviathan Studio: Follow the link

Credit: Michael Barker with Suzanne Liska and Mark Young


Week-long Series: Monday, February 5th to Friday, February 9th, 10am-1pm each day

Price: $140 (early bird until Jan 1, 2024), $160 (regular)
Tickets for the weeklong intensive: Follow the link

Scholarship and work-exchange is available in limited amounts. Please contact laure@mxmarin.ca

Weekend Immersion:
- Friday Feb 9th: 7-9pm
- Saturday Feb 10th: 10am-3pm
- Sunday Feb 11th: 10am-2pm

Price: $120
Tickets for the weekend immersion: Follow the link

About the Workshop:

02. Mark Young Dancing

Drawing insights from his engagement with Taoist Tai Chi, discover the natural propensity of the body to spiral, and its application within CI duets.
This workshop invites you to unlock new realms of strength and agility by accessing spiral movement patterns inherent in everything from our DNA to the cosmic dance of the Milky Way. Through practical exercises and exploration, experience a newfound lightness and strength in flying and falling, enriching your CI practice.

Credit: Michael Barker with Suzanne Liska and Mark Young

About Mark Young: he embarked on his Contact Improvisation (CI) journey in Toronto in 1997, concurrently immersing himself in Taoist Tai Chi studies. He was struck by the resemblance in teachings between CI and Tai Chi, both emphasizing bone alignment, muscle relaxation, and spiral movements.
Mark diligently explored Paxton’s Material For the Spine under the guidance of Karen Nelson and Nancy Stark Smith, where spiral movement was a focal point.
In 2010, he founded Leviathan Studio on Lasqueti (BC) for in-depth CI study.
By 2014, he started teaching to fill the observed gap in emphasizing spiral movement in CI. Mark has since structured this approach into a 12-day format, and in this workshop, a concentrated 15-hour training awaits.

Tai Chi & Improvisation Contact, a video by Mark Young: Follow the link

Limited places. Take this chance to dive deep into the IC spiral with an experienced practitioner.

Questions ? Email laure@mxmarin.ca

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