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Contact Improvisation classes with Catherine Lessard

Thursdays, March 19 to May 28
7 to 9PM
In the Plateau : 2020 Mt-Royal East, Montreal

"Évolution Sol - Air !"

Credit : Benoit Dhennin

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An exploration of our possibilities for anchorage and momentum, with the floor, the other beings and the environment.

Let’s meet the floor as an indispensable ally and a multi-dimensional support. Then let’s emerge with ease and grace, thanks to our body alinement and our capacity to play the game of forces. Let’s meet the others and the space, and become a prolonging of the earth and a fundamental energy source for contact and creativity. Let’s find our lightness through reciprocal support, physical trust, adaptable gaze, spirals, commitment and free & directed impulsions.

We will explore our physical link to all things, as an inspiration for connections to one-another and effortless improvisations. This series of classes offers an opportunity for deep and revealing work, fostering organes-skeleton-tissues collaboration, kinesthetic attention and various qualities of Body-Mind states.

Important : wear long pieces of clothing (long sleeves and pants to the ankles) for more comfort.

Cost :
$185/season, $165 if registration before March 5,
$20/class (if availability).

Reservations are confirmed upon reception of a $70 minimum deposit. To register, click here : http://sourcesimprovisation-en.blogspot.ca/p/contact-improv-thursdays.html

Information : Catherine, worksphere@hotmail.com or 514.518.6240.

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What’s contact danse?

An invitation to let go in a haven of peace. Dancing, experience the laws of gravity, momentum and balance, that is the contact improvisation.

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