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Contact Improvisation and the Five Senses

April 1-2, 2006

Studio 303 : 372 Ste. Catherine Ouest, Montreal

Saturday, 10am - 5pm
& Sunday, 2:30 - 6pm

Cost: $75 ($65 for VIP members) (Canadian Dollars)
Saturday Only - $50 (VIP $45)
Sunday Only - $30 (VIP $25)

Language of instruction: English

DAY 1: Tuning UP: Contact Improv & Musicality

This workshop bridges the worlds of movement and sound. Using Contact Improvisation as a base, we will explore calibrating our dances to live and recorded music as well as sounds that we create with our body, breath, and voice. How can we use sound to cue our partners for lifts and landings? Can we make sounds that literally make our bodies lighter? Find the musicality of our dances. Come in for a tune up!
Material to bring: Optional - musical instruments (on Saturday only)

Day 2: Contact Lenses: Ways of seeing within the dance

Do you make eye contact when you dance? Direct eye contact, peripheral vision, closed eyes, blurry vision, how does it affect our dances? Using a combination of seeing and blindfolded activities, we will explore vision as a way to intensify awareness in our connections.


Mark Zemelman (MFA) began practicing Contact Improvisation seventeen years ago. Over the past twelve years he has taught and performed across the US and more recently Guatemala, Europe, and Israel. He runs the new website www.contactimprov.com, plays ambient vocal-electronic music for Contact Jams, was an original member of Wire Monkey Dance Company, and has facilitated programs at Earthdance, Omega Institute, and Kripalu Yoga Center. Other training includes yoga, Action Theater, voice training, stilt-walking, modern dance, and clowning. He’s based in Western Massachusetts near Earthdance, where he can often be found dancing, teaching, singing and sauna-ing.


Space is limited & reservations are recommended.

For more Info or to register call/e-mail Mark:
(413) 231-4623, mark@contactimprov.com
or call Studio 303 - (514) 393-3771.



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What’s contact danse?

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