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COOKS NEEDED FOR Annual Jam 2017

This year we are looking for the help of 2 cooks for Montreal Annual Jam !!

01. Bouffe jam annuel 2014


• Each chef cooks for 20 people.
• The entry to the jam will be reduced by half or +…
• Vegan recipes, dairy free, eggs free, sugar free, with first cold pressed oils.
• Your expenses for the ingredients will be reimbursed.

For questions contact Daniel Proulx to: danoproulx@gmail.com

05. Bouffe jam annuel 2014


• Pasta Salads
• Dishes from whole grains (rice, millet, quinoa, …)
• Dishes from legume (lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans …)
• Raw salads
• All dishes will be served cold

So here is the opportunity to participate by giving generously of your time in the pleasure of cooking a dish of your choice (after agreement to avoid unbalanced buffet).

03. Bouffe jam annuel 2014


1. Health criteria to follow in order to choose the recipes are:
• vegan
• egg free
• dairy free
• sugar free
• with first cold pressed oil.

2. Each chef will offer a recipe and after confirmation, indicate the approximate cost of the ingredients (rule of thumb). If you would like a recipe suggestion, I have some to suggest
3. It is possible to make final mixtures of ingredients on site but it will take some of your time before the meal, think about it.
4. Before the meal at 12:15 pm, you have to give (or get help) a few minutes to put your dish on the table, and after the meal at 2:15 pm, to remove your containers.
5. The chefs will cooked for 20 people and benefit from half-price admission as a thank you or 60% if you work in coordination or to cook rice in addition to your recipe.
6. You will have to mention if you need transportation
7. The expenses for ingredients will be fully refunded.

04. Bouffe jam annuel 2014


Amandine need 5 volunteers for the breakfast.
• 4 to make granolas (30 servings)
• 1 to garnish the tables on Saturday morning
• They will benefit from half-price admission to thank you
• Please contact Amandine Rovetta ommm007@hotmail.com

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