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Montreal & Eastern Townships

1- Sunday morning classes in Montreal "The spiral, a must in the practise of contact improvisation" from January 9th to 30th, 2011

2- New! “Soirée découverte” in the Eastern Townships January 25th, 2011

3- Classes "The rolling play between sky and earth" in the Eastern Townships from February 7 to March 14, 2011 (6 classes)

1- ’’The spiral, a must in the practise of contact improvisation" - by Stéphanie Gaudreau

Come discover or perhaps reinvigorate your contact improv approach before our lovely Sunday jam.

Mini-series for all levels.

The spiral, a must in the practise of contact improvisation. Exploration of the ascending and descending movements of the spiral, in the context of weight sharing. Research that awakens fluidity and confidence in the physics of movement.

Every Sunday, from the January 9th to 30th

10:15 à 11:30, right before the jam.

Cost : $40 for the series ($12 drop in)

The jam is included

Studio 303 :

372 St-Catherine West, 3rd floor, near Place des Arts Metro

To sign up :

Registration is done through the ACI and payments can be made the day of.
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Image by Joël Muzard

2- "Soirée découverte in the Eastern townships" - avec Stéphanie Gaudreau

New! New! Open to all!

Tuesday, January 25th

7pm - 9:30 pm (doors open at 6:45)

Cost :$ 5

Please RSVP: 450.539.1085.

Studio Les Chevaliers (large studio with new wood floors)

251, Western, Waterloo, Qc. J0E 2N0

Exit 88 from highway 10, near the intersection with highway 241

3- "The rolling play between sky & earth open to all!", with Stéphanie Gaudreau

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Credits to Stepanie

First class series in the eastern Townships at Bromont

Tuesdays, from February 7 to March 14

7 - 8:20 PM Class

8:30 - 9:30 PM Jam

Classes followed by a thematic jam (for those who took the class or for people with experience)

Cost :

$90 (to pay at the first class)

Dorp-in : $18/class ($15/class for unemployed)

The jam is included in the price of the classes

Thematic jam only: $5

Where ?

17 rue du Mont-Gale (turn right at "y") à Bromont

Exit 74 from highway 10

Stéphanie propose gentle floor work to warm up, to awaken the experience of your body and its personality. We’ll be focusing particularly on awareness of our movement in relation to dynamic forces (gravity, momentum, inertia), in conjunction with our imagination to dance more freely with one or more partners.

Inspiring ourselves from the chosen theme, and with specific exercises, we will gradually integrate our study into an improvised, joyful play for the pleasure of dancing.

Fundamental Principles of Contact Improvisation:
 Listening through touch and kinesthetic understanding
 Exploration of the point of contact between two moving bodies
 Exploring our kinesphere
 The games of weight-sharing and counter-balance
 Dancing with a shared central axis
 Exploring fluid pathways between the ground and the air

For more information :

stephaniedanse@hotmail.com or 450.539.1085.

Bibliography of Stéphanie Gaudreau here

Thanks to Stéphanie Dimitrovas for the translation of this article.
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Image by Loïs Darie
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What’s contact danse?

An invitation to let go in a haven of peace. Dancing, experience the laws of gravity, momentum and balance, that is the contact improvisation.

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