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CI with Daniel Bear Davis from Toronto

Wednesday 27th and 28th of October from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm
2494, rue de l’Église, VAL-DAVID (Laurentians)

Architectural Playground: The Joys of Structure

01. Daniel Bear Davis

Welcome to this unique event that will be used to raise funds for Contact Impro Val-David. With this abundance we would like to offer different activities and buy equipment for dancers. One of our goals is to bring different musician (s) and DJ to accompany our Thursday jams. We would also like to equip ourselves with exercise balls and some bright lights to decorate the room.

- Early bird (until Sunday, October 21st):
$ 50 for the two 3 hours sessions.
 Late Raise Rate (At the door):
$ 60 for the two sessions of 3 hours and $ 30 for a single day.

Dancers from afar can be hosted by the local people of the village.
Please advise us in advance to book a sleep.

Informations/ inscriptions
Marie-Pierre : lor-elia@hotmail.com
Tael Raut : taelnational@gmail.com

We suggest wearing long and comfortable clothes during workshops.
02. Daniel Bear Davis


Through support from the bones and an understanding of structural integrity, we find buoyancy, resiliency, and specificity. The playground comes to life with counterbalances, launching pads, unexpected levers, and waves to ride.
We find easeful pathways up and down from the ground and into the air through attentive response to the moving landscape of our partners. The play expands in a dynamic dance of will and surrender, listening and response. We learn to offer and accept fluid support and engage the expanding possibilities of each moment with presence, potential and curiosity.

Clear and responsive structures offer us ground from which to fly.


04.Daniel Bear Davis

Daniel has been teaching and dancing CI and improvisational composition for over half his life. He utilizes the form as personal practice as well as in the creation of performance work. His teaching has been greatly influenced by The Axis Syllabus (which he teaches). His approach to CI is one of constant research into the expansion of range and choice. He also has been taking Contact Improv to new heights with its application to acrobatic stilts in collaboration with Kristen Greco and The Carpetbag Brigade.
Daniel has taught internationally in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and throughout North America. He has performed on submarines, desert rocks, construction scaffolding, and art galleries. He’s made pieces about dementia, gender, war, heritage, identity. He cares about image, awe, and beauty. In creating a wide and rich acceptance of what it is to be human. He has been blessed with opportunities to perform with Nancy Stark Smith, Nita Little, Scott Wells, Guillermo Gomez Peña, Kira Kirsch, The Body Cartography Project, Live Art Installations, Felix Ruckert, Erika Tsimbrovsky, Caro Novella, and many other inspiring body/minds.

More infos: Daniel’s website

Here are some videos:
Motel Labyrinthos” en Crête en 2014
Axis Syllabus & Partnering
Axis CI Moscow 2017

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