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C.I. Workshop with Kirstie Simson, from UK

From Nov 1 to Nov 4 2005, a workshop in CI for dancers of all level.

  • From Tuesday Nov 1 to Friday Nov 4 2005 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm (please arrive earlier the first day).
  • Location: Rialto Building, 5711 Parc Ave, 2nd Floor, Montreal (corner Bernard, bus #80).
  • Cost: $ 140

Places are limited.
We need a deposit of $40 to confirm your registration. Please send a check, payable to:
Association de Contact Improvisation
to: ACI, 5039 Brebeuf, Montreal H2J 3L6.

Kirstie Simson Class Description

Kirstie will give classes in dance improvisation,
drawing from her knowledge of contact improvisation,
the Japanese martial art Aikido and her extensive
experience of improvisation in performance.

Her focus will be on exploring uninhibitedly the huge
potential of the body’s response to the primal urge to
move, inspired by deep energies released through
human interaction, physical challenge and through the
excitement of discovering new territory, new sensations
and of daring to go beyond inherent ideas of limitation.

She builds her classes on very simple physical
principles and is always exploring ways for students to
experience and understand their own bodies more
profoundly, which is often experienced as joyful and
liberating. The classes offer dancers a way in which they
can extend and deepen their experience of moving.

Short Bio:

Kirstie Simson has been a continuous explosion in
the contemporary dance scene, bringing audiences into
contact with the vitality of pure creation in moment after
moment of virtuoso improvisation. Called "a force of
nature" by the New York Times, she is an award-winning
dancer and teacher who has "immeasurably enriched
and expanded the boundaries of New Dance" according
to Time Out magazine, London. Simson’s eternal subject
is freedom, as she dares to go beyond the boundaries of
form and structure to create movement out of the rhythm
of life itself.

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