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Bloom as You Are!

with Leyla Demir and Catherine Lessard
June 17th – 22nd , 2012
– a journey into authentic self, through movement, meditation and creative explorations in connection with nature

This special country retreat is an invitation to access a genuine connectedness to self through the use of both concrete and subtle methods. This will include diverse practices inspired by Butoh, Authentic Movement, BMC (Body Mind Centering), and Release Techniques, melded with integrative tools and creative explorations using experimental art, imagery, intuitive writing, visualization, meditation, and discussion circles. Enriching ourselves through a peaceful nature setting, we will also explore our surroundings with silent nature walks, water and fire rituals, guided blind-folded explorations, as well as some surprising adventures for our senses! width='300'
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These activities will be unified together in a manner that facilitates an initiative journey.

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We will deepen into our connection with self – body and mind –, our environment, and with one another as we also celebrate the arrival of summer! As nature opens itself to new demonstrations of its richness, we too will allow our own blossoming to unfold.

At the Domaine du Lac Seize & Chapelle Beaulac, in Chertsey (1:15 hours from Montreal)

Arrival: Sunday 12 pm, departure: Friday 2 pm

Room and board: 200$

This includes 3 delicious meals a day prepared by a chef, snacks, a comfortable bed in either a shared bedroom or a dorm, modern accommodations in a beautiful private cottage, exclusive access to a pristine lake and land, etc, for 5 ½ days.

Tuition: Sliding scale $200 – $250 – $300, according to your capacities and yearly income

(Minus than $12 000/year : $200 – between $12 and 25 000/year : $250 – more than $25 000/year : $300)

This includes the fees for workshops of 2 facilitators and educational material, for 5 ½ days.

Early bird deal : possibility to benefit from a 20% discount on the tuition fees if you register before May 10.

If cost is a deterrent in your decision to participate in this event, please contact us. We will see together if arrangements could be made.

Registration: a $100 deposit N/R is required to confirm reservation.

Make out and send cheques to ’Catherine Lessard’, 873 Léonard, Ste-Thérèse, Qc, J7E 2N8, Canada

If you have an account with Desjardins, an internet money transfer through Acces D is also possible.

Information: worksphere@hotmail.com, 514.518.6240

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Image : Véro Boncompagni

Catherine Lessard transmits with passion and coherence the key principles of dance improvisation since 2001. She has studied and performed with masters such as Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkoff, Nita Little, David Zambrano, Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simpson, Patricia Kuypers and Ray Chung. She has experience in Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, and Butoh, and has professional training in music and communications. She also received a 300 hours training in gestalt practice. Combining, in a unified pedagogy, both a sharp artistic vision and a hungry curiosity for science, Catherine teaches and performs improvisation regularly in Canada, in USA and in Europe. She has also served as president of the Montreal Association for Contact Improvisation from 2007 to 2009. Catherine’s workshops are explorations of human expression through breathing, awareness and various nuances of touch and movement, offered in a deep atmosphere of respect and discovery.
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Leyla Demir has a rich background in personal growth facilitation and as a Holistic Life Coach uses a variety of creative techniques to access and awaken deeper connection to self. Having practiced meditative techniques, spiritual exercises, and visualization with a committed focus for over 20 years, her appreciation and understanding of the body-mind-spirit relationship is very developed. Her passion for assisting others in their personal journeys of self discovery mirror her own deep pursuit of self mastery through spiritual and creative explorations. With 10 years of experience in conceptualizing and developing personal growth programs for young adults aged 18-35 for spiritual seminars, campouts, and leadership training events, Leyla is well versed in both one on one coaching, group facilitation, and event planning. To know more about Leyla and her practice, join her at this email address:leylawaterdance@gmail.com.
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