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Biography of PIE’s teachers


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Eryn has been dancing and choreographing for 16 years. With a BFA from Juilliard and traditional training in Graham, Limon and Ballet, her dance practice has developed in the domain of Improvisation and Contact Improvisation. Eryn has been practicing Skinner Releasing Technique® for over a decade and is a Certified Teacher. She has a vast and celebrated repertoire of original choreography and has had the pleasure of working with many choreographers. 
For information : Skinner Releasing Technique. !


Stéphanie has studied contact improvisation since 1992 with one of the founders, Nancy Stark Smith, as well as with many other local and international teachers. Stéphanie is a certified massage therapist, and has been in private practice since 1999. She has deepened her physical understanding through study of osteopathy and
the Feldenkrais ™ method, taking professional training for over a year. Stéphanie is very involved in Montreal’s contact community, having founded the A.C.I
(Association de Contact Improvisation) in 1991, working as an organizer and administrator.
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She has taught CI in France at Vincennes University, and for more than 7 years in Quebec to a very diverse clientelle. Recently, a Montreal school asked Stéphanie to teach this form of dance to children. Her classes combine the application of somatic approaches, massage, t’ai
chi, and authentic movement with meditation. Her teaching puts special emphasis on using the quality of presence to develop dance with movement authenticity, true intention and imagination.


In 2001, David Flewelling moved to Montreal from Vancouver where he has been creating and dancing for 10 years. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts, David has been teaching, choreographing and dancing across the North America. David has been studying and dancing contact improvisation with Peter Bingham, Allen and Karen Kaeja, Raymond Chung and Andrew Harwood. He has received grants from The Canada Council and The BC Arts Counsil for his work in contact improvisation. width='400'
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He has taught at the summer dance intensive for a second year at The Unversity of Alberta. In addition, David has danced professionally touring Canada, US and Mexico in Resistance for Allen Kaeja, Silent/Still at the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa and toured Canada and the US in monumental from The Holy Body Tattoo. In Montreal, he has danced for La Fondation Jean-Pierre Perrault in Eirnos, for Sinha Danse in Apricot Trees Exist, and for David Pressault in Lost Pigeons. He has most recently been seen in an excerpt from Étude No. 3 from O Vertigo at the FTA. He is currently working on a new creation from Emmanuel Jouthe.

Robert H. Schweitzer

Bob is a certified Alexander Technique teacher® practicing in Montreal, QC.  width='150'
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He has been dancing Contact Improvisation the last four years expressing the principles of the Alexander Technique through movement.

Catherine Lessard

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During years, she traveled in Europe, America and Asia, finding spaces to train in contact-improvisation, body-mind-centering, authentic movement and butoh with international coaches: Nancy Stark-Smith, Kirstie Simpson, Ray Chung, Gyohei Zaitsu, Patricia Kuypers… She also has a licence in communication and music. Native from Montréal, she lived in France a decade, proposing work-shops and classes for people of all horizons. Recently back from a one year journey in Thailand, approaching Thai boxing and Buddhist philosophy, Catherine now lives in Montreal, teaching and performing CI.
Her classes are explorations of human body’s expression in terms of breathing, self consciousness, self confidence, cellular awareness, non-judgement, slack-out and movement qualities, in a respectful and playful atmosphere of discovery. width='320'
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