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BLOOM AS YOU ARE : Authentic Movement and Focusing

August 19 to 23, 2013
with Leyla Demir and Catherine Lessard, at Chertsey

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For the second year, this wonderful retreat offers us the possibility to investigate and connect with what deeply moves and manifests inside of ourselves.We will cultivate presence and awareness through two very powerful forms : Authentic Movement and Focusing. These 2 approaches will allow ourselves to listen with care to our body-mind needs and impulses. This event takes places in a beautiful and sacred natural environment.

How to register: http://sourcesimprovisation-en.blogspot.ca/p/bloom-as-you-are.html
More info: worksphere@hotmail.com, 514.518.6240
Costs : according to your capacity to pay $330 - $365 - $400 - room and board included in these prices!
((Suggested sliding scale: <$12 000/year = $330, $12 000 to 25 000/year = $365, >$25 000 = $400.))
Early birds : $300 / $330 / $360 if registration before August 5!

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Presentation of Authentic Movement by Catherine:

"Recently, I had the great opportunity to receive teachings from Zoe Avstreih, a pioneer in the Authentic Movement work. Fulfilled and inspired by this profound experience, I now want to suggest you to dive with me into the heart of this magnificent work, both simple and rich.
Whether it is to feed the creative artist in you, or simply to access greater self-knowledge, I invite you to dare close your eyes for a moment, to enter into yourself, to welcome emptiness and to listen … suddenly, something amazing happens, and it takes source in the silence and in the body.
Zoe used to say “The answer is in the body!”
This practice is rooted in the field of art therapy. It invites one to tap into the inner realms. And it frees us from our “I must … I should …”. With eyes closed, movers welcome internal sensations and impulses, allowing it to manifest into gestures and movements, giving expression to one’s subconscious creative process. Without judgement, a witness pays attention to both the mover and his/her internal experience. This unique form is an invitation for introspection, observation and contemplation of the whole, in details.
This form is also an invitation to be patient and kind towards oneself, because it is with time and experience that one captures the essence and depth of this practice."

— Catherine Lessard

Presentation of Focusing by Leyla:

"Focusing is a practice of presence and compassionate listening to the body as a means of connecting to its deeper experience and needs. This refined skill brings increased self awareness and personal care. In its use, one finds they are able to liberate themselves from physical ailments, emotional pain, anxieties, fears, and disruptive behaviours. In some instances an individual may experience an instant healing or liberation of a symptom.

This supportive practice can be combined with touch, intuitive drawing, movement, and neutral observation in combination with other somatic practices to contribute to greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well being."

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