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The Red House Collective presents Endless Childhood/Winter Blossoms: An Interactive Improv Night.

Combining a score of 15 musicians, 30 dancers and 20 painters, the event invites the spectators to integrate the music, dancing or painting; the performers are there to assure a cohesive structure to a multi-disciplinary improvisation. Based on the idea of concentric circles, there will be a shrine (installation art) in the center sur…rounded by 1) musicians, 2) the sitting area (cushions), 3) dancers, 4) peripheral musicians + vertical canvas, 5) behind which are the painters, backlit to offer their shadows to the dancers on the other side of the canvas – wishing to create with this layout a sense of warmth and blossoming generated by a ‘tribal’ closed space. With lots of vegetation present, the event emulates a natural living space contrasting with the frozen grounds of the Montreal Winter – offering the blooming of art in contradictory conditions. Spoken-words as well as a puppet & hula-hoop show will take place as the opening of the event at 7pm, followed by the real thing at around 8pm.

The interactive and multidisciplinary nature of the project is aimed at breaking the wall between performers & spectators, the environment merging the exclusivity of art with the accessibility of simple participation.

*SUGGESTED DONATION is 5$. If you are broke it is not mandatory (of course not), but if you can afford it, please help us cover the fees involved in the making of the project! This way, we can use the donated money to make another event!

The Red House Collective is focused on collaborative, multi-disciplinary and interactive performances. Having already made various street jams, interactive experiments with visual art & music as well as a feature-length experimental documentary, we are now aiming at trying to integrate the Crowd with the Performers – as naturally as possible.

*Note that there is NO ALCOHOL allowed as it doesn’t fit with the ACTIVE nature of the project. Simple food like fruits and nuts will be served.
*To those who would like to contribute to the painting, please bring your own paint (and brushes) as we would have only enough paint for the core painters. Canvas will be provided!
*Bring your instruments!


The idea of these improvisations are to penetrate into public place, adapt yourself in different kind of environment, to explore own creativity, to play with daily uses,… and improve !

When ? The last saturday of mounth, at 2:00 PM

Next dates are: October 30, November 27 and December 18 (not on the 25)… in every weather (challenge…)

!!!Now at 2:00 PM !!!

Where ? The improvation stroll about in differents kind of spaces. is
The meeting check is at La Commune, 5043 St-Dominique (bzhind the church)

These improvisations are for dancer or every body who are interest by the process. (It’s not a workshop, it’s a collective improvisation).

For information, please contact Clarisse: 514 507 1880 or clarisse.delatour@gmail.com


Open scenes at our host home, a pretty place to share our talents and love for arts. Dance, music, visual arts… all and any talents are welcome!

When : Saturday, October 30, 2010.

Where : Corner Laurier/St Laurent, 5043 St Dominique, 3rd floor in the back of the church

Time : Starting 8 p.m.

Alcohol : Bring your wine !

Admission : Free !

Contact : benoit.dhennin@inbox.com ; 514 435 2929

Workshop with Janet Kaylo, Trisha Bauman & Nadine Saxton

Since August 9 till August 15, in Dance Department of UQAM.

Give attention to the rare opportunity to study two of the approaches to deep body work that are embedded in Laban Movement Analysis : Bartenieff Fundamentals and Developmental Patterning !

The poster for this workshop is attached below…


Benoît Dhennin gonna start a video and dance laboratory this wednesday !

When ? each wednesdays of this Summer at 7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
This until the 8th of August.

Where ? At the studio Kinesphère on 1565 Mont-Royal East.

Benoît began the dance around the same time as the video, 10 years ago. Since, the contribution of the body in my work of video does not stop

He wish today to share this experience within a video laboratory and
dance opened to all.

We would start by two questions :
 How to use the camera in the dance ?
 How to use the dance in the video ?

In other words, it is not a question of recording some dance but of
creating from the video and the dance, together. How the video opens
new possibilities to the dancer, and how the video can be inspired by
logics appropriate for the dancer ? We shall look for our answers through
an experimentally joyful practice.

He suggest bringing this knowledge of the video and this urge for dance, and invite you to connect our talents in this laboratory of research and
creation. Everything is opened !

We will share the cost (20$) of the location.

Authentic Movement workshop "BIGGER THAN THE BODY" with Susan Schell (Maine).

Three days in the generous nature of the Eastern Townships, 6th, 7th and 8th of august at Centre Tara.

For more details contact Sylvia SeaHeart Berlin at sylberlin@gmail.com or at (450)242-1559


marilyn will host a goodbye party for leah jacob sunday may 23 7.30 - 12 dufferin h3x2x6. Potluck supper , bring musical instruments also we will send her off in style , everyone welcome

John sings to Spring - Solo singing recital

Date & time : 6:30-7:30 pm, April 15th, 2010

Location : La Salle de Récital du Conservatoire de Musique Montréal, 4750 Henri-Julien, métro mont-royal.

Free-will offerings will be accepted…

" Come, let me take you on an epic journey through the heart’s longing for the Sacred, into the lively schemings of a jealous boyfriend, o’er hills and valleys with a lusty vagabond, around the seductive pitches of a crafty matchmaker, and finally passed the fanciful ravings of a country bumpkin who believes himself to be a knight… (Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Donizetti, Vaughn Williams, Ravel)… All of this, together with my coach, the dazzling accompanist, Esther Gonthier, at the piano… It is an adventure not to be missed. Please gift me with your presence!…

I would love to see you there!… "


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