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ACI’s 16th Annual General Meeting 2018

Sunday April 8 from 2:30pm to 4:40pm
at UQAM 840 Cherrier St, local 4110, metro Sherbrooke

03. AG 2018

The ACI takes a breath of fresh air!

About 30 dancers actively participated in the Annual General Assembly this April 8, 2018. Many avenues and ideas for projects were put forward during the assembly. On top of that, 6 new people joined the Vision Committee to help elaborate and implement the ideas that were put forward and those to come.
We wish the ACI a lot of dynamism in 2018, along with the new Board which is launching into its first full year, after the half year of July-December 2017.

Minutes General Assembly 2018 (in french)
02. PV AGA 2018

Join us!

Snacks and kombucha will welcome you!
Get involved in the organization !!!

An opportunity to know your association, its achievements, its projects, its managers, your Board members and to add yourself, to get involved.

For more info: admin@contactimpro.org
Manon: 514.880.8035

01. AG 2018

We strongly encourage you to consult the documents below to get a better idea of the activities of the AIT and to give your opinion.


12h: Jam
14h30: Opening circle

01) Opening of the meeting.
02) Election of the President and Secretary of the 2018 AGM.
03) Reading and adoption of the agenda for the 2018 AGM.
04) Reading and adoption of the minutes of the 2016 AGM.

15h00: 2017 Sales Report
05) 2017 (semi) annual report of the Board representative
06) Presentation of the financial statement
07) Adoption of the financial statement of December 31, 2017
08) Approval of the decisions taken by the Board from July to December 2017

15h20: Committee Report 2017
09) Vision Committee
10) Sunday classes
11) Sunday jam
12) Practice of Underscore
13) Annual Festival (Master Classes, Annual Jam)
14) Communication Committee
15) Jam Sutton

16) Annual plan 2018 and projected budget 2018

17) Varia

18) Election
a) Presentation of the people who propose to be part of the council
of Directors.
b) Election of ACI Board Members

16h40: FIN

PV Assemblée Générale 2017
PDF - 105.2 kb

Réalisation ACI juillet à déc 2017
PDF - 110.2 kb

Plan annuel ACI 2018
PDF - 126.4 kb

Mise en candidature CA 2018
PDF - 110.2 kb

Regroupement des décisions prises en juillet-dec 2017
02. Regroupement des décisions_juillet-dec 2017

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