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ACI Summer jam 2016 in Sutton

July 22-24 ! ! !

01. pond and sauna

Still only $65 for 3 days of heaven.
Open for arrivals from friday 1 PM

Come for dance, pond swimming and sauna playing outdoors and night bonfire singing.
Hear the roosters crow, horses gallop and frogs croak. Sleep in cabins, the big house or tent in the orchard or forest.
Your summer dreams come true.

02. Orchard

Space is limited , so sign up early and get your pick of sleeping place. Your place is reserved as soon as we receive your 65$ payment.
Every year there is a waiting list to get in.
Meals will be pot-luck.

To register :
Marilyn at 514-489-0686 / bronste9@yahoo.com
Arsalan at 1-416-996-3195 / arsalan_ahm@yahoo.com
David at 1-802-748-8831 (US) / dscribner_05819@yahoo.com
If you can please email Marilyn the money ( it is a wonderful way to send money).

If you can’t then send in your registration cheque made out to Marilyn Bronstein at :

80 Saint-Viateur, app. 303 Montréal, QC, H2T 1A6.
Include : your name , phone, email, and if you want to offer or need a ride.
Also let us know if you can bring a tent to camp out it will make room for others.

If you want to lead an activity (music, movement, DJ , yoga, walk-in -the woods, art) while you are there please email Marilyn. All activities are offered on a strictly voluntary basis.

check out the website at l’AUBERGE DU RENOUVEAU

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