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ACI Festival 2011

November 1 to 4 (Tuesday to Friday), 6:30 - 9:30 PM

1er au 4 novembre (mardi à vendredi), 18h30 – 21h30

Series of 4 masterclasses in contact improvisation with experienced teachers from Montreal, Toronto and Boston.

Nina Galea, Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood, Pam Johnson, Patrick Crowley

Detailed descriptions of classes bellow.

At UQAM dance pavillion, local K-3220, 840 rue Cherrier, Montréal, H2L 1H6

The ACI is very happy to count the dance department of UQAM as a partner for this 2011 edition of the Festival.

Complete series: $80 before October 15, $90 thereafter.

Per class: $25 (according to places available).

Registration confirmed on reception of the payment.

To register online : http://contactimpro.org/inscriptions/

Reservation: make out to "ACI", send to: ACI Teaching, 873 Leonard, Ste-Therese, Qc, J7E 2N8, Canada

Information: enseignement@contactimpro.org
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Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood and Chris Aiken,

photo: Daniel Farkas Harwood

Tuesday November 1st: Nina Galea (Montreal)

Roots and wings: moments of transformation

In this workshop we will explore the ‘underground,’ the initial seed of our inner connection, that place from which our expression takes root.

We will explore the path revealed when we allow this root to move through us and transform us: when roots become wings – that space of lightness and freedom, when our ‘cork is floating.’

We will enjoy these moments when our roots and wings interconnect.

Nina Galea is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Her roots are planted in classical and modern dance.

Nina directs the contemporary dance division at Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine, where she teaches modern dance and improvisation.

She has studied with masters such as Nancy Stark-Smith, Susan Schell, Ray Chung, Martin Keogh…among others.

Nina is a member of the Teaching and Research Committee of ACI.
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photo: Guillaume Tétreau

Wednesday November 2: Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood (Montreal)

Home base

Contact Improvisation can be viewed as an honored and inspirational meeting place bringing forth a physical/emotional experience that leaves participants informed, centered and enlivened.

Making contact with another being implies forging a universe where we may take risks, exchange, communicate and witness. It is a fertile crossroad where skill, instinct and poetic imagination converge.

In this session we will direct our energy toward abandoning a certain quality of willfulness in order to open to new sensations, experience the natural flow of movement and allow the dance to unfold on its own.

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood is an internationally recognized teacher, performer and creator in the field of instantaneous choreography and contact improvisation and has been involved in the evolution of this work for over 35 years.

He is also the artistic director of AH HA Productions, a project oriented company based in Montreal, which is dedicated to the research, creation, education and production of improvisational dance as a performing art.
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photo: Paula Zacarias

Thursday November 3: Pam Johnson (Toronto)

Riding Momentum

One the fantastic aspects of Contact Improvisation is how it organizes momentum to create dynamic movement with ease and fluidity.

This workshop will explore the physics and technique of creating and utilizing momentum both with our primary partner, the floor, and with other dancers.

Toronto-based dancer/choreographer/teacher Pam Johnson has been teaching and working creatively with Contact Improvisation for 28 years.

She teaches CI to theatre and dance students at Humber and George Brown colleges and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

She is a coordinator, along with John Oswald, of the long running Toronto Sunday Jam.
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photo: Kathryn Palmateer

Friday November 4: Patrick Crowley (Boston)


We will explore different kinds of perceptual awareness and strategies for trios. Through this focus, we discover elements of CI that inform our dancing whether we are in a solo, duet, trio, or group.

The internal body, tuning our bodies with the larger forces, and group mind are part of our palate.

Patrick Crowley has been studying and teaching dance and the body for 28 years as a dancer, yogi, and bodyworker.

He teaches Contact Improvisation, Anatomy, Yoga, and Longdances (outdoor ceremonies with sweat lodges, personal process, dance and psychodrama).

Patrick performs with Zany Angels Dance Theatre Company. He was certified in bodywork by Sensei Toshiko Phipps and is a member of ABMP.
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