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A Glimpse of ’Contact Utopia’, with Lilly Picts (from UK)

Only one evening in Montreal !

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Class 6:30-8:30 pm, Focused Jam 8:30-10:00 pm

At Circuit Est,
Espace St-André, studio B
1881 St-André street, #100

Street entrance nap : 1-5-4 (rest hardly then to turn on the right)

Studio and cloakroom nap : 25-1 (support 2 and 5 in the same time and then 1)

20$/evening, 5$/jam

Information & registration:
worksphere@hotmail.com or
514-518-6240 (Catherine)

How can we in our dance continue to be ’non directive and symbolize an egalitarian community in which everyone cooperates and no one is dominated’, both with our partners and with are self? How to be here, present, in this very moment, in this very dance; without the usual sub-text and psycho drama that so often accompanies and overwhelms it?

Give up control, surrender to the spectacle – overwhelm the senses and intelligence and allow instinct to take over. If we can glimpse this ’contact utopia’, what tools and skills can we develop to cultivate, reproduce and access it on demand? This seamless class will journey us through many dances, with each other, our bodies, our skin and our eyes, until our overwhelmed rationalizing self makes way to our liberated instinct to guide us towards limitless possibility and dynamic spontaneity.

This class is open to all levels and will focus on learning, discovering and exploring through openness and play. It will be followed by a Focused Jam.

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About Lilly Picts:

Lilly, formerly Naomi Claire, is interested in space, performance arena’s and containers, and sharing our practice as ’contactors’ with spectators. As artist in residence at Earthdance 2009, mentored by Nancy Stark Smith and Maureen Shea, Lilly created the performance score Trilogy which has since been performed at earthdance, MA; DNA, NYC; Cochrane Theatre, London; and Pheonix Gallery, Brighton.
from Middlesex University.

As well as performing in her own work in 2009 Lilly performed in the UK premier of Bodies in Urban Spaces by Willi Dorner, and in performance projects by Keith Hennessey and Ishmael Houston Jones, and Amii Legendre. 2008 she performed in Brussels to Brighton, by Frédéric Monnoye; Photographs of a dance rehearsal, by Augusto Corrieri; and Meeting Point, Kokkotheattri, Helsinki, Finland.

Lilly has been teaching various dance practices for 15 years and regularly teaches and facilitates events for London Contact Improvisation including CI36 Satellite and the London New Years Jam, and hosts a Contemplative Dance Practice group in London.

Lilly has studied with and is greatly influenced by the work of Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Keith Hennessy, Ishmael Houston Jones and Barbara Dilley. Other teachers include Ray Chung, Lisa Nelson, Martin Keogh, Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simson, Karl Frost and Robert Anderson amongst numerous others. She has an MA Choreography.

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