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37th edition
International Annual Montreal Jam

November 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2019
Circuit-Est - Centre Chorégraphique
2022 Sherbrooke East Street

More info: jamannuel@contactimpro.org

01. Aam annuel CONTRastes 2019

for the 37th
Annual Montreal International Jam is:

until October 18th
Make sure you enjoy it!

Credit : André Blanchet
Note that intensive classes with Anya Cloud from San Diego
will precede the jam from Tuesday, October 29 to Friday
November 1st: details HERE

NEW Friday, November 1st:
(offered only to those who paid have pre-registered
for the full weekend, limited places):

Underscore from 07pm to 10pm SOLD OUT
at UQAM,840 Cherrier, studio 4110

We offer you the possibility of an Open Jam to all.
At UQAM from 07:00pm to 10:00pm studio 4115
$5 at the door or free for those registered in the full jam.

Aquatic Jam aquatique from 07:30 pm at 09:00 pm

Voluntary research / barter / exchange for the annual jam:


02. Anya jam annuel

Saturday and Sunday, warm-ups with our guest teacher Anya Cloud
Biography of Anya

Note that Intensive stage with Anya Cloud will precede the jam from Tuesday, October 29 to Friday, November 1, 2019: INFOS HERE

02. DJ EOKA 2019

SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC from 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm with DJ EOKA
Credit: Anthony Neto
Correction: Louis-Philippe Day

02. Maryse jam annuel 2019

ACI workshop for beginners with Maryse Damecour

Open to all (beginners and those with a more advanced practice): DETAILS HERE

Credit : Emilie Dumais
02. Mary-Ann Lacey
02. Patrick Hutchinson
02. Felix-Herve Bachand
02. Maureen Lafrenière


with Old Orchard Quartet
The mysterious music of this quartet inspires rich textured dance conversations. Their musical collaboration is a sonorous feast for the ears combining blues, jazz and contemporary music forms.

Biography of musicians


All weekend: $76,50
One day : $41
Saturday evening (performances and musical jam): $10,60

From November 19th to November 1st (until 7 pm online):
All weekend: $86,50
One day: $46
Saturday evening (performances and musical jam): $10,60

November 2nd and 3rd (at the door, cash or check):
All weekend: $95
One day: $50
Saturday evening (performances and musical jam): 10$

The price also includes 2 light breakfast and 2 lunches.
Please bring plate, cup and utensils.

The jam takes place in the magnificent Jean-Pierre-Perreault:
Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique
2022 Sherbrooke Est Street
‪Montreal, QC H2K 1B9‬

Join the hosting committee coordinator (Charlotte Pigeon Tremblay) to offer or request places to sleep during the annual jam at: hebergement@contactimpro.org
You can also indicate it on the registration form.

If you want to give your time to help in any way, contact us at:


To help those who are allergic or sensitive to odours please refrain from wearing perfume, essential oils, scented hair products, etc. Please wear clothes that are free of chemical agents such as laundry soap and scented drying sheets, perfumed deodorant, etc. Thank you for paying attention to this request which will favour an environment accessible to all.

Bring your reusable dishes!
« If it’s not too complicated for you, please bring your reusable dishes and encourage everyone you meet to do the same. Gaia will be grateful to you. »


UNDERSCORE from 07pm to 10pm SOLD OUT
at UQAM, 840 Cherrier, studio 4110
We offer you the possibility of an Open Jam to all.
At UQAM from 07pm to 10pm at studio 4115
$5 at the door or free for those registered in the full jam.

NB: For those who do not know the Underscore, arrive at 7pm for the theory and for those who know the theory, arrive at 7:45pm, because the doors close at 8pm. You can also attend the theory during the previous Underscore offered by the ACI or have additional information: HERE

The Underscore requests the presence of the dancers from beginning to end so the doors will close at 08pm. For latecomers you will have access to another room.

07:30pm at 09:00pm at Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau
2295, Avenue Laurier Est, Montréal

This year we have re-rented a swimming pool for rehabilitation that is heated and perfect for contact dancing in the water. It is also connected to a large jacuzzi for more than 15 people. A workshop will be conducted by Joel Muzard in the deepest part to help you adapt your dance in this type of environment.

For this activity, bring bathing suit, nose clip with a rope so as not to lose it in the water, towel, padlock, soap, sandals, glasses or mask that also covers the nose if you do not have any clamp- nose.

How to get there from Circuit-Est:
Go through the door and turn right. Walk to De Lorimier. Turn left and continue 7 blocks to Laurier Avenue. Turn right and walk for 4 blocks until the end. Enter by the last door on the left.

Sponsors: HERE


03.Jam annuel 2019 suite

Friday, November 1st
07pm to 10pm: Underscore SOLD OUT
We offer you the possibility of an Open Jam to all (see above for details).


07:30 pm to 09:00 pm: Aquatic Jam
(see above for details)

Saturday, November 2nd
08:30 am: Opening for registrations
09:00 am: Light Breakfast
10:00 am: Opening circle
10:30 am: Warm-up with Anya Cloud
10:00 am to 04:30 pm: Free Jam
12:30 pm to 02:15 pm: Lunch ‬
03:00 pm to 04:30 pm: Workshop for newcomers to CI
with Maryse Damecour ‬in the studio from below.
05:00 pm: Dinner outside - Bon appétit!
New: Basement available for free jam (and bring your instruments to jam)
07:00 pm: Entry up for performances

07:30 pm to 08:00 pm: Performances of the participants in the week-long classes
08:00 pm to 08:40 pm: Performances of dancers
09:00 pm: Music Jam with Dj EOKA (alias Louis-Philippe Day)
11:00 pm: End of the evening

02. Jam annuel 2018

Sunday, November 3rd  
08:30 am: Opening of the doors
09:00 am: Light Breakfast
10:30 am: Warm-up with Anya Cloud
11:00 am to 04:00 pm: Free Jam
12:30 pm to 02:30 pm: Lunch ‬
02:30 pm: Musical Jam with
Old Orchard Quartet (Details here)
04:00 pm: Closing circle‬
05:00 pm: Cleaning and leaving the premises‬

03. Anya Cloud Bio




Hello, my name is Louis-Philippe and I am an ecstatic dance DJ known as EOKA. I have been organizing monthly and weekly dances in the Laurentians for 10 years and I am a devoted DJ for ecstatic events wherever I am asked to play … I am also and above all a free and explosive dancer.
As a sentient being, I intimately understand the emotions hidden in each of the tracks I play and combine them to guide the dancer on a creative journey. With care and love, I take you to places you may have forgotten. That the rhythm is sensitive, chaotic, sexy, powerful, passionate, motionless, explosive […] the contrasts found in my mixes only serve to connect the dancers with themselves and with the others.
For this special Montreal Jam night, I concoct a fruity potion so that your body exults with everyone in a moment of joy, connection and trance.
With love,



Contact improvisation workshop for beginners, with Maryse Damecour

Tapping, weighing, squeezing, pulling, counter-balancing … Offer and receive the weight of the other a little, a lot or completely! In this workshop for beginner dancers, we will explore the transfer of weight in its limits and contrasts.

03. Maryse Jam annuel 2019





Montréal jazz vocalist and multidisciplinary artist Mary-Ann Lacey has performed internationally from Argentina to Japan. Her elegant and refined delivery has won her many fans (“wonderful voice…beautiful singer” — Sheila Jordan). She does what every great jazz vocalist must do: she takes the standards and gives them new life and direction without straying from the true essence of the song. She honed her craft in New York with Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Peter Eldridge and Barry Harris, to name a few. She performs regularly on the Montreal jazz circuit and has recorded for CBC radio, Radio National Argentina, and Télé-Quebec. Her original song He Just Might has been featured on many jazz radio programs across the country and is the title track on her CD. (see maryannlacey.com for more information)



He grew up in the UK, with one ear on his parents’ folk and traditional music, and the other on the punk and reggae of his ’70s youth. A Montrealer since 1978, he has played reggae & ska with Top Ranking, minimalist rock’n’soul with Bare Bones, East European and other world folk with Swift Years, and blues & Celtic with BluesReel.



Felix-Herve is a Montreal multi-instrumentalist. His interest in music making started at a young age with the violin. His passion for musical improvisation has led him to create intricate soundscapes on the piano, clarinet and guitar.



Maureen started playing folk and traditional music before studying classical guitar at McGill University. She sang alto with the St Laurence Choir for many years, performing classical and symphonic repertoire with the MSO Chorus. Her well-thought-out, subtle vocal harmonies complement the vocalists she works with. She enjoys jamming and performing with musical friends on a regular basis.


Première Moisson

10. Première moisson

Les Co’Pains d’abord

02. Première Moisson

Mamie Clafoutis

02. Logo Mamie Clafoutis

Café Rico

02. Logo Café Rico

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