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35th edition
Montreal Annual Jam

November 18 and 19, 2017
Circuit-Est - Centre Chorégraphique
2022 Sherbrooke East street‬

More infos : jamannuel@contactimpro.org

REGISTRATION for the 35th Montreal Annual Jam is open: HERE

Note that master classes with Scott Wells (California) will precede the jam from Monday 13 to Friday 17 November:

This year we are looking for the help of 18 cooks for Montreal Annual Jam:

01. Jam annuel

"Lightness and gravity"

Credit: Gary Kurtz
3.Jam annuel 2017

A workshop for beginners, with Jori Snell
Open for all: New-comers and more advanced practitioners: DETAILS

02. Scott Wells

Saturday and Sunday, warm-ups with our guest professor Scott Wells
Biography of Scott

Note that master classes with Scott will precede the jam from Monday 13 to Friday 17 November 2017: INFOS HERE

4.Jam annuel 2017

MUSIC SATURDAY NIGHT with Montreal musicians, Thomas Carbou and Eric Breton
Biography of Thomas and Eric

Early bird registration ends November 8th

Make sure you register soon!

Whole week-end: 70$
Single day: 40$
Performances and musical jam: 10$

From November 9th:
Whole week-end 80$
Single day: 45$
Performances and musical jam: 10$
LThe price includes all-day dancing as well as light breakfast and lunch both days.
Please, bring plate, cup and utensils.

The jam is happening in the magnifient spaces of Jean-Pierre-Perreault:
Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique
2022 Sherbrooke Street East
‪Montréal, QC H2K 1B9‬


If you need a place to stay, or if you have a place to offer please indicate that on the registration form or contact: hebergement@contactimpro.org

If you know that you want to volunteer your time to help with the jam in some way,
get in touch with Manon Beaudoin at:
jamannuel@contactimpro.org or 514-880-8035

TO HELP THOSE WHO ARE ALLERGIC OR SENSITIVE TO ODORS, please refrain from wearing perfume, essential oils, perfumed products for hair, etc. Please wear clothes that are free of chemicals such as fabric softeners, scented deodorant, etc. Let’s be mindful to this request that will foster an environment accessible to all.

Bring your reusable dishes!
« If it’s not too complicated for you, could you bring your reusable dishes and encourage everyone you meet to do the same? Gaia will be grateful to you. »

Sponsors: HERE

Credit: Gary Kurtz

06. Jam annuel 2017

Saturday November 18th
08h30: Doors open
09h00: Breakfast
10h00: Opening circle
10h30: Warm up with guest artist, Scott Wells
11h00 à 16h30: open-dance floor
12h30 à 14h30: Lunch
14h15 à 15h45: Contact improvisation workshop for beginners with Jori Snells, in the studio downstairs
17h00: Dinner out… Enjoy !
19h00: Doors open

19h30: Performances‬
21h00: Musical Jam with Thomas Carbou and Eric Biron
23h00: Evening ends

05. Jam annuel 2017

Sunday November 19th  
08h30: Doors open ‬
09h00: Breakfast‬
10h30: Warm up with guest artist, Scott Wells
11h00 à 12h00: Open-dance floor - guest musician : Manuel Matsya
12h00 à 16h00: Open-dance floor
12h30 à 14h30: Lunch
16h00: Closing Circle
17h00: Clean-up

Credit: Gary Kurtz



In 1981 Scott Wells discovered the pleasure of contact improvisation shortly after becoming obsessed with the struggles of modern dance. He stuck with both and currently directs a company in San Francisco and tours annually to Europe. Wells has created works for skateboarders, for boxers and choreographed West Side Story for Sonoma State University.
In 2010 and 2005 Scott received the Izzie (San Francisco’s most prestigious dance award) for Outstanding Choreography and was selected by Dance Magazine as “one of the 25 To Watch”. Scott has toured to Europe for the last 20 years teaching and performing in festivals in Moscow, Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Zagreb to name a few. Wells has been practicing Alexander Technique for twenty five years and BMC for fifteen.
Scott’s style of contact is athletic and emphasizes freedom of movement, flying, fluid acrobatics (easy to advanced), safety, precision, pleasure and technique. What students often like best in Scott’s classes is the variance between the meditative, listening, slow and sensual dancing and the fun, playful, very physical dancing. And students appreciate how the scary or advanced moves are safe, relaxed and made possible.




Prolific musician, Thomas Carbou experiments every kind of music: Jazz, traditional and world music, electronic music, folk…Always looking for new sounds, he plays a wide variety of instruments: custom 8-string guitar (by Martine Montassier), electric and acoustic guitars, percussions (kalimba, bérimbau, cajon, frame drum…), samplers and laptop.

Eric BRETON: (Details coming soon)



A workshop for beginners, with Jori Snell


During this workshop we’ll have a chance to go back to some of ‘the basics’ of CI. Subtly and more firmly playing with the giving and taking of weight, in stillness, in-motion and in-momentum. By adding in the dimension of levels, we can find easy and unexpected ways of taking weight and being lifted more effortlessly.
Open for all: : new-comers and more advanced practitioners.

Jori Snell is a physical performing-and visual artist from Holland/Denmark (1972). Educated at Institutet för Scenkonst (93) in Italy and Nordisk Teaterskole (98) in Denmark. Since 1998 she works as a freelance performer, director and educator in Europe, transforming her training in physical theatre, visual art, contact improvisation, martial arts and butoh-related approaches into a very personal language.
Between 2008-16 she single-handedly initiated and launched the contact improvisation scene in Cape Town/South Africa, sustaining a CI community there.
Her greatest inspiration in CI and Improvisation has come from her intensive work with Kirstie Simson (UK/USA), Bo Madvig (DK), Lucia Walker (UK) and Andrew Harwood (CA).


UQÀM / Département de danse

02. Département de Danse UQAM

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03. Logo Natura

Nuts to you

4. Nuts to you

Projet Aztec

11. Projet Aztech

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