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2 WORKSHOPS with Catherine Lessard: CI-Tatami and Authentic Movement

Saturdays, November 26 and December 3, 2011, 1 to 6 PM

1. CLASS ON TATAMI MAT: “The Flying Pelvis!”


Explore the lightness, the engagement and the multi-directional possibilities of your pelvis in contact improvisation. Let it rebound and play. Let it become intelligent.

The tatami mat is a cushioned floor, a perfect tool for practicing acrobatic improvised forms. It allows us to take risks, to come to terms with rebound, and to augment suspension.

Nov 26, Dojo Shoshin Aïkido Montréal,

5445 ave de Gaspé, suite 208, Laurier metro.



Photo : John Barrett

(dancers Catherine Lessard and Neige Christenson)

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2. AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT: “The Power of the Subconscious” … a glimpse.

Dive into the dept of sensation and gestures, be an engaged witness to the miracle of movement, within yourself and for your partners. This workshop is a teaser, a longer training will be held during next Winter.

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Photo : Bruno Garibal
With eyes closed, we invite sensations and images to manifest into movement, with sincerity, without cheating. A witness observes with attention his own internal experience, allowing a mover to safely descend into inner realm, never judging. With rigour, dept and softness, the subconscious reveals itself, the hidden impulses tell their unique story.


Dec 3, Studio Fleur d’Asphalte, 6847 St-Hubert, Beaubien or Jean-Talon metro.

(Note: this 2nd workshop happens right before the celebration evening for the ACI Sunday jam’s new studio, S’Temps d’Art Africain, only 15 minutes walk from Fleur d’Asphalte, 5 minutes in metro.)



$42/workshop or $75 for the 2 workshops before November 15,

$50/workshop or $90 for the 2 workshops thereafter.

Registration: make out and send payment to “Catherine Lessard”,

873 Léonard, Ste-Thérèse, Qc, J7E 2N8.

Or transfer payment through Acces D (ask me the codes by email).

For information and reservation: worksphere@hotmail.com, 514.518.6240

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Drawing by Susan Arnsten-Russell
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