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  • Weekly Jams - Archives 2010

    A jam is a time-space dedicated to contact improvisation. This space is not guided. Everyone builds their own experience within the provided framework and is autonomous to warm up, to experience their own movement, to share a dance, etc. …
    The jam is regularly without music but musicians occasionally accompany the dancers.

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    Sunday Jam :


    A new proposal from the ACI : the last Sunday of each month a professional musician is invited to join its sounds to our improvisations. This invitation to dance with improvised music awakes our desires for artistic collaborations, gives new colors to our dances, and helps us to experiment contact between sounds and movements in order to create unexpected openings within the framework of our weekly Jam .

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What’s contact danse?

An invitation to let go in a haven of peace. Dancing, experience the laws of gravity, momentum and balance, that is the contact improvisation.

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