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  • CI : Montreal and everywhere in Quebec - Archives 2007

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    There’s not just ACI’s activities in Quebec !

    Contact improvisation classes are organized in Montreal
    but also in the Eastern Townships, Lanaudière, Quebec City area …

  • Class and Focused-Jam of contact-improvisation dance with Catherine Lessard

    All levels Every wednesday night, 7:30 to 10 pm September 19th to december 19th 2007
    Each week, 1 1/2 workshop to learn and deepen that art of physical conversation and its different components, followed by an hour of intensive practice with a specific focus or theme. - Biography of Catherine Lessard
    Cost : sessions 14 classes 190 $ - 2 paiements (7 classes) 110$ - class X class 18 $ Focused-jam no class 7 $ (arrive at 8:45pm, advanced contactors only) Sessions take (…)

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  • Contact-Improvisation workshop with Mark ‘Moti’ Zemelman

    October 19-20 Friday: 7-9pm Saturday: 1-6pm
    Perceiving the Unknown:
    Transformation on the Boundaries of Contact Improvisation
    Exploring the edges of perception we’ll compose and improvise dances using the healing side of our vulnerability and limitations. The moments that we become most aware of an edge are what some chaos theorists call the “tipping point”. These avalanches of awareness can lead to changing our conditioned responses both physically and emotionally. Whatever limits you is (…)

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    Pie festival is for dancers and non dancers who want to deepen their research and their personal practice. You will have the opportunity to spend four days within a unique kinesthetic.
    Come meet our Montreal community of teachers who specialize their practice in contact improvisation and it’s relative forms of movement consciousness. Cost : 4 days - 350 $ include : workshop, jams, food, accomodation
    Accomodation: At l’Auberge du lac carré in the Laurentians, north of Montreal 2 people (…)

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  • Biography of PIE’s teachers

    ERYN DACE TRUDELL Eryn has been dancing and choreographing for 16 years. With a BFA from Juilliard and traditional training in Graham, Limon and Ballet, her dance practice has developed in the domain of Improvisation and Contact Improvisation. Eryn has been practicing Skinner Releasing Technique® for over a decade and is a Certified Teacher. She has a vast and celebrated repertoire of original choreography and has had the pleasure of working with many choreographers.
    For information : (…)

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  • Sunday Jams in Quebec City

    Organised by Valérie Lajoie improvisation contact jam For information, phone to 418-621-8545 or email Valérie Lajoie.
    Organised by Marie-Diane Lalande École de Danse intuitive in Québec For more information, call 418-809-5090 or email Marie.

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  • International Dance Day at Place des Arts

    This photo was taken on the esplanade at Place des Arts, on International Dance Day, in the afternoon of April 29, 2007. This activity was part of the yearly cultural event, ’Pas de danse, pas de vie’
    Photo taken by Joel Muzard.

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  • Thursday Night Contact Improv classes

    Danse Contact Improvisation, par John Barrett

    This class will be open to intermediate level and also beginners showing a motivation to improve their practice of contact-improvisation.
    We will explore the fundamentals of this ‘’art-sport’’ in terms of a physical conversation: falling, flying, momentum, support, flow, breathing, listening, non-judgment, risks taking!
    The group will be constituted and closed for the session so that evolve together and go as deep as we can.
    Class in English and French
    When: Starting 8th of February, 7h to (…)

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  • White Jam in Estrie

    *Sorry, no translation available now*
    Les contacteurs de l’Estrie vous invitent à participer à leur premier événement annuel de danse contact improvisation.
    « Venez jouer avec nous… respirer l’air de l’Estrie et vous ébattre dans la nature hivernale. »
    QUAND : Samedi le 24 février 2007 de 10 h à minuit. En journée -> Contact improvisation En soirée -> Performances et danse libre.
    COÛT : Pour la journée et la soirée 35$ Dîner et collation inclus Soirée seulement : entrée 10$
    LIEU : À la salle (…)

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